Wednesday 17 October 2018

Warplan 5/5 For Sale on Ebay

For those following my Napoleonic Campaign, you will be aware that I am using a map campaign system produced in the 1970's and long out of print.

What appears to be the full system is now on sale on ebay

Currently £19.95 with zero bids. I heartily recommend it if you enjoy campaigns but I suspect it will sell for more than that.

Update - 18/10/18

Gonsalvo kindly pointed out in the comments section that this does not appear to be the full set. I have had a fresh look at the ebay sale and clearly I should have looked more closely! The original set included 3 sets of cards, 3 books and a host of other stuff including pads for recording various aspects of the campaign and counters. 30 x double sided cards makes up one set. It may be worth asking the seller if you are interested to ensure that the 51 cards being sold includes one full set.

For my campaign I only use the cards and the book which contains all the info you need. I created my own system for recording casualties etc. on my laptop so did not need the additional stuff.


  1. Replies
    1. No problem Jonathan. Best of luck if you intend bidding.

    2. I had not noticed that. Reducing his potential bidder base! It may be due to the weight.

  2. It is the cards and booklet only, and not the many pads and so on that came with the complete system, none of which you really need. That is an excellent price for this invaluable product!!!

    51 cards is a bit odd though; a double set would be 60 cards (1 - 30 A and B, the cards being 2 sided) plus the three Island "S" cards (one sided).

    1. I took a fresh look and you are right Peter. Whoever wishes to purchase may wish to add a Q or two to the seller. Will update this posting.