Monday 14 November 2022

Nap Campaign: Battle of Holbrook 3rd April 1808 - Turns 25 to Conclusion

 Turn 25

Squares are formed as the great mass of Guard cavalry swarm over the river. The lancers temporarily halt to form up. The only allied cavalry in a position to intercept them is a lone troop of Brunswick lancers (lower middle left).

The view from behind the allied lines. One square is caught between the cavalry and an approaching Young Guard battalion column. They open fire on both but fail to make much of an impact. The green micro-dice indicate which units will need to test morale the next turn as a result of a dispersing 33rd Line and an artillery battery. 

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Sunday 6 November 2022

Nap Campaign: Battle of Holbrook 3rd April 1808 - Turns 19 to 24

 Turn 19

Dornberg lead his light cavalry brigade on a desperate charge against the Cuirassiers while they were still unformed. The French advantage of heavy cavalry was cancelled out by their inability to counter charge together with the superior mounts of the British and KGL cavalry.

On the left of the photo the elite 1st KGL Light Dragoons lead by Dornberg charged the veteran 4th Cuirassiers. The latter rolled a double '6' but fortunately for the KGL troopers they also rolled high reducing their defeat to a push back. Dornberg received a light wound and the Cuirassiers would pursue the next turn.

To the right the British 23rd Light Dragoons charged the 1st Cuirassiers lead by Dubois. The had more success pushing back the Cuirassiers. 

Another attempt on the bridge was made by Villiers' Brigade, this time with the 2/11th Light battalion leading the charge against the 2/1st Foot Guards. The French took fire from nearby Hanoverian battalions but only suffered 1 casualty and successfully charged home against the Guards. They were narrowly defeated again and are pushed back.
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