Tuesday 31 October 2017

Battle of Corunna 1809

Battle of Corunna 
16 Jan 1809

Sir John Moore's tomb in San Carlos Gardens, Corunna.
Visited 24th October 2017
Working through the Peninsular war it was time to have a go at Corunna. Using slightly modified General de Brigade rules and Baccus figures on a figure ratio of 1:20. The rules modifications are still a work in progress chief of which is a command and control system imported from Sam Mustafa's Grande Armee rules which have been altered slightly. I have removed skirmishers in their entirety which will not please purists, but in this scale I have found them too fiddly and slow the game down. The game was played solo with die roles and the combat and control system providing the surprises!
British commanded by General Sir John Moore.
French by Marshal Soult.

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