Tuesday 23 November 2021

Zulu Wars - The Men Who Would Be Kings test battle

In preparation for Rorkes Drift (followed by Isandlwana) I have been on the look out for suitable rules. Until recently the front runner has been The Sword and the Flame which I used in days gone by for my 15mm Sudan collection.

Recently though, two more have materialised that have caught my eye. One is a Pony Wars conversion but I am holding on that until I become more familiar with them.

The second is The Men Who Would Be Kings.

Inspiration for this is down to Little Wars TV who used them for a 6mm Isandlwana game. This piqued my interest being a skirmish game written for larger scales and how it could be adapted for large battle small scale actions. If this worked I could see all sorts of possibilities in other periods, in particular Ancients which my own rules are really only intended as a stop-gap until I find something I like.

There are actually very few changes, in fact really only one - distances. I have opted to simply convert from inches to centimetres as I have done in other rulesets.

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Sunday 14 November 2021

WW2 Operation Compass: Turn 2 - 11th December 1940 Air Phase

The result of the air phase will determine who has air superiority in the land battles of this turn. Dice rolls ascertain who is doing what.

In this case, 2 squadrons of Blenheim bombers escorted by Hurricanes are intercepted by Italian fighters. As before, each of my aircraft represent 3 and Bag the Hun rules will be used.

Orders of Battle:

274 Squadron        4 x Hurricane I
45 Squadron          4 x Blenheim IV
113 Squadron         3 x Blenheim IV

Regia Aeronautica
1st Sqn 2 Stormo        2 x Fiat Cr32
4th Sqn 50 Stormo    3 x Meridionali Ro37 bis
5th Sqn 50 Stormo    4 x Caproni Ca310

A view during the first move as the Italians move to intercept the British (top right). The sun was shining from top left. The Italian's intention to approach the British from out of the sun but at this stage had failed to spot them.

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Monday 8 November 2021

ACW Warplan Campaign: Map Moves 4 - 5

I have tidied up the maps which were a little messy in my attempt to represent many of the formations. Where several are now in the same square the topmost counter indicates the senior commander with the total number of troops under his command. 

On to the maps:


As the Union forces push north, the Confederate units in reserve are called forward.

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Wednesday 3 November 2021

ACW Warplan Campaign: Battle of Krell

Before I begin the AAR of the next ACW battle in my campaign I will recap the circumstances leading to this action.

As the Union forces drive north into Confederate held territory, Ewell with two brigades sees an opportunity of giving them a bloody nose. He intercepts Caldwell's Union division in the area circled.

Zooming in on the area shows that Ewell is taking a risk of being surrounded.

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