Tuesday 1 August 2023

On the Workbench: Pony Wars - Natives completed

The compliment of Native Americans has been completed, albeit 120 short of the 600 mounted figures recommended in the rules. Having seen advice that 480, or even 360, should be enough I have decided to leave it at that. There will be tepees and Bison to be painted up in due course.

The completed Natives. On the left is a pack of dismounted Braves and a pack of villagers. 

The most recent figures just completed. A pack of 120 mounted Braves.

Prior to the Natives, a pack of Settlers and Civilians was completed. The wagons had been done previously.
This is the bulk of figures finished with just a few odds and ends to complete the figure painting aspect. There is still a fair amount of terrain to finish so a little way off yet before I can get this on the table.

In the meantime it is back to Napoleonics with Portuguese for Bussaco. On the subject of Napoleonics, the butterfly has taken effect once again and figures have been purchased for Austerlitz. My interest in this battle originated from a game on my old Commodore 64 in the 80's and is one I always intended to play. I had considered 2mm (see my posts on this scale) but now reverted to 6mm. The plan will be to use General de Brigade rules but a unit will be a brigade rather than battalion at a figure ratio of 1:40. It will require some adjustments to the rules which I shall be working on soon.