Friday 27 August 2021

Battle of Talavera - Turns 11 - 16


Having stated that the French should secure their right flank barring any major setbacks by their cavalry, that setback appears to have arrived! On the right of the photo the French 2nd Hussars charged the Spanish levy dragoons. Halfway into the charge, the morale of the 2nd Hussars evaporated and they halted. The Spanish had no such qualms and counter-charged into the static French light cavalry. In the ensuing melee they defeated the French causing them to retreat.

The French cavalry problems mounted as the rampaging British 3rd Dragoon Guards, pursuing the Hanoverian Chasseurs (on the left), came face to face with the reforming Vistula Legion. Being outpaced by the French light cavalry they ploughed into the Polish cavalry instead comprehensively routing them (I was a little hasty and removed the Poles before taking the photo!).

This also resulted in the demise of the Hanoverians being unable to rally with the British cavalry continue to pursue anything in sight! 
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Thursday 19 August 2021

Battle of Talavera - Turns 1 - 10

The French plan of attack differed from the original in that they aimed to turn both flanks with less emphasis on the allied centre at least in the initial stages.

On the French right, the attack on the Medellin would be delayed. Ruffin would be tasked with clearing the Spanish infantry from the Segurilla hills while Merlin and Beaumont's cavalry supported by a brigade of dragoons from Maubourg's division would see off the allied cavalry. While this is underway, the grand battery on the Cerro de Cascajal along with skirmishers would clear the western slopes of the Medellin of any British forces.

A combined attack from Ruffin and Vilatte would then descend on the Medellin and hopefully overwhelm it.

On the French left, Leval will aim to capture Talavera with Liger-Belair angling to assault the Pajar redoubt and the junction between the Spanish and British troops. All being well they will rout the Spanish allowing them to turn on the British right flank. Lapisse will keep the British occupied in the centre while both flanks are rolled up.

The first turn consisted of a purely artillery barrage with both sides targeting infantry formations.
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Sunday 8 August 2021

Battle of Talavera - Introduction

I shall be taking up the action on day 2 of the battle with initial historical deployments. So with that straight onto the AAR:

Scale - 6mm
Figures - Baccus
Rules - General de Brigade
Table size - 6' x 3'9"
Figure ratio - 1:20
Number of turns - 32 (representing a full day's action)

The deployment is after Bassecourt and Alburquerque have reinforced the allied left flank.


Medellin - North and East slopes are steep. South slope is good terrain but cavalry and artillery move at half speed.

Cascajal and Segurilla slopes are gentle and good terrain.

Olive Groves - All classed as difficult terrain but only apply a -1 target fire modifier (-2 if behind wall in enclosure). Artillery may only pass through on roads or gaps. Cavalry may operate but only at half speed. May charge but must take a formation test. If unformed they can still charge. Visibility - 10cms.

Pajar Redoubt - Only partially completed. Max 30 figures or 5 gun models. Classed as cover but no morale modifier.

Portina Stream - Good terrain and no obstacle.

Hidden Ravine - Any cavalry crossing must take a formation test. If charging may complete charge even if unformed.

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Sunday 1 August 2021

On the Workbench: Talavera - Leval's Division

Well not quite the whole of Leval's division but most of it. The two Nassau battalions will be drawn from my Waterloo collection and two artillery batteries are on the verge of completion. There are also two cavalry regiments for Merlin's brigade.

The two artillery batteries will bring to a conclusion all the figures I need for Talavera. It will then be just down to a decision on whether to use terrain mats or my terrain tiles. The concern I have with my tiles are that they are really designed for a more northern European setting and a little too green for this part of the world.

I recently purchased a Geek Villain Sicily battle mat which is the right sort of colour but a little concerned the green patches, which are a little dark, may have a tendency to 'swallow' the 6mm figures. Ideally I need something a little more subtle to allow the figures to stand out and to that end I plan on lightly spraying my felt desert mats patches of green.

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