Wednesday 3 April 2024

Defending the Malay Barrier: Turn 2, 1st - 15th January 1942, LBA Attacks

Two Japanese Land Based Air attacks were launched. One each from the Western Attack Force and the Eastern Attack Force.

Turning first to the WAF:

A force of Betty and Nell bombers, equipped with medium bombs and escorted by Zero fighters, successfully located the Royal Navy WestGroup who had been heading north to target the Malayan bound supply convoys.

The 4 British cruisers were in line astern lead by the Danae, followed by the flagship Exeter, Durban and Dragon. The cruisers were escorted by 7 destroyers.

9 flights of Nell bombers are in the first wave. One was damaged by AA fire with the remaining 8 dropping their payloads. 

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Saturday 16 March 2024

Defending the Malay Barrier: Turn 2, 1st - 15th January 1942


The Japanese Eastern Attack Force are now operating out of Davao allowing them to ramp up operations. The allies have yet to form ABDACOM and are operating individually.

In an attempt to disrupt the Japanese, the Royal Navy operate out of Singapore, the Dutch out of Batavia, the USN out of Surabaya, and the Australians from Darwin. The map shows the planned movements including Japanese supply convoys, invasion fleets and naval patrols.

The weather is good with clear skies and clear visibility. A carrier air strike from the Ryojo takes advantage of the good conditions successfully locating the Dutch to the west of Borneo. 

Cengroup under Admiral Doorman in his flagship, the De Ruyter, leads a sweep towards the north of Borneo sights aircraft approaching from the north east. The first action of turn 2 begins.

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Monday 4 March 2024

Defending the Malay Barrier: An update

Currently reading a book covering the naval aspects of the invasion of Norway in 1940 had inspired me to continue with my naval campaign. 

On reviewing my posts so far I noticed a glaring omission. They could really have benefitted from maps. 

Maps have now been added with the map supplied in the scenario book used as the base. Ship movements are my additions reflecting events within the campaign.

A couple of the maps are included here providing a brief summary of movements and actions so far.

Force Z sortie during turn 0.

Turn 1. The only contact occurred when a sweep conducted by the USN lead by the aging cruiser 'Marblehead' was intercepted by an IJN patrol. The end result was not pretty for the USN.
For more detail click on the appropriate label on the right.

I will shortly be posting details of turn 2 including maps!

In the meantime orders have been placed with Navwar and Davco. The painting table is now adorned with ships in the process of being painted.

Saturday 3 February 2024

Edgehill 1642 The Action

I will break the battlefield down into 3 for ease of following the flow of the game:
From the Royalist perspective; Left Flank, Centre, Right Flank.


The initial exchange between the deployed dragoons on both sides saw the Roundheads get the upper hand with both Royalist regiments suffering the heavier casualties and subsequently falling back.

Wilmot's cavalry took the lead but something close to a disaster struck the Royalists. The first casualty on this flank was Wilmot himself. Leading his own regiment he was struck by a musket ball suffering a severe wound. He will be out of action for the next 3 turns. This unnerved his raw troopers who failed to launch their charge.

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Saturday 6 January 2024

Edgehill 1642

This is a battle I have intended to play ever since my days with ECW re-enactment societies in the 1970's. In those days it was 25mm Hinchliffe and Minifigs but I never seemed to be able to collect anywhere near enough to do it justice. Not to mention the pathetically small number of painted figures!

6mm has finally provided that opportunity without breaking the bank and in a small enough space that will fit in the garage. 

A very brief background to the battle:

King Charles I marched his army on London held by Parliament. The Earl of Essex commanding the main Parliamentary field army of similar size marched to intercept the Royalists with both armies meeting at Edgehill becoming the first major battle of the war. The outcome was indecisive but nevertheless prevented the triumphant entry into London that the Royalists were hoping for.

If King Charles succeeds in defeating Essex in my replay then the course of history will be changed!

The Battle of Edgehill
23rd October 1642
Table Size 6' x 3'9"
Rules - Forlorn Hope
Figure Ratio 1:10
Artillery Ratio 1:2

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Tuesday 2 January 2024

Plans for 2024

As any wargamer knows, planning a year ahead with any degree of accuracy can prove a challenge! A sudden urge to start a new period, campaign, or particular battle, tends to intrude. That said, I will once again lay out what I hope to be the direction of my wargaming in the coming year.

As in previous years I will break down my plans into Battles, Campaigns, Painting/Modelling.



Early Imperial Roman 20th Legion v Ancient British Cantii tribe who have rebelled.


Edgehill - This is a definite and I know this as it is currently occupying my tabletop. Hope to have a blog posting very soon.


Peninsular War project - Battle of Busaco 27th September 1810. Approximetely 2/3 of the figures I needed to paint were completed this past year. All being well this should be on the tabletop before the end of the year.

Napoleonic Campaign - The next map moves have yet to be completed but confident at least one action will be played out.


Gettysburg Day 2 - I have lost count as to how many times I have stated this will be played. Part of the delay was down to me dithering about scratchbuilding terrain such as the Little Round Top. I have decided to just run with what I have got and thus cautiously optimistc that this will be played out. 


The end is in sight for figure painting although terrain needs to be constructed. I am hopeful I will be able to play this before the year is out.


Battle south of Nibeiwa - Operation Compass campaign. I have some rule tweaks to complete around the propensity of the Italians to surrender en-masse at this stage of the war. Some of my desert terrain boards are in need of attention which will also be used in the Pony Wars project. 

Groesbeek Heights - Op Market Garden. This is a repeated target from last year but now, as then, will depend on how quickly I am able to paint up the required figures.

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