Saturday 16 March 2024

Defending the Malay Barrier: Turn 2, 1st - 15th January 1942


The Japanese Eastern Attack Force are now operating out of Davao allowing them to ramp up operations. The allies have yet to form ABDACOM and are operating individually.

In an attempt to disrupt the Japanese, the Royal Navy operate out of Singapore, the Dutch out of Batavia, the USN out of Surabaya, and the Australians from Darwin. The map shows the planned movements including Japanese supply convoys, invasion fleets and naval patrols.

The weather is good with clear skies and clear visibility. A carrier air strike from the Ryojo takes advantage of the good conditions successfully locating the Dutch to the west of Borneo. 

Cengroup under Admiral Doorman in his flagship, the De Ruyter, leads a sweep towards the north of Borneo sights aircraft approaching from the north east. The first action of turn 2 begins.

Continued - 

Monday 4 March 2024

Defending the Malay Barrier: An update

Currently reading a book covering the naval aspects of the invasion of Norway in 1940 had inspired me to continue with my naval campaign. 

On reviewing my posts so far I noticed a glaring omission. They could really have benefitted from maps. 

Maps have now been added with the map supplied in the scenario book used as the base. Ship movements are my additions reflecting events within the campaign.

A couple of the maps are included here providing a brief summary of movements and actions so far.

Force Z sortie during turn 0.

Turn 1. The only contact occurred when a sweep conducted by the USN lead by the aging cruiser 'Marblehead' was intercepted by an IJN patrol. The end result was not pretty for the USN.
For more detail click on the appropriate label on the right.

I will shortly be posting details of turn 2 including maps!

In the meantime orders have been placed with Navwar and Davco. The painting table is now adorned with ships in the process of being painted.