Tuesday 23 April 2024

On the Workbench: WW2 Aircraft Carriers

With the blog having switched to a nautical theme over recent weeks, I post here an update on naval painting, in particular aircraft carriers. I have purchased some flight deck decals from "Flight Deck Decals" (link on the right) which really are superb. They do require some trimming to fit as closely as possible the Navwar models and many are also suitable for Davco. The current naval painting bug has inspired me to crack on with aircraft carriers in particular to utilise these decals.

Royal Navy carriers (all Navwar) from left to right:
Top row; Hermes, Ark Royal, Glorious
Middle row; Ameer, Victorious, Furious
Bottom row: Biter; Indomitable, Eagle

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Friday 19 April 2024

Defending the Malay Barrier: Turn 2, 1st - 15th January 1942, Japanese EAF Patrol v EasGroup (USN) Sweep

The second Japanese patrol was also successful intercepting the USN EasGroup which is the subject of the next game.

The heavy cruiser Nachi with 4 Shiratsuyu class destroyers are on a reciprocal course with the US sweep which it sights at a distance of 23,000 yards (115cm). The US force consists of the cruisers Houston and Boise escorted by 9 Clemson class 4-stacker destroyers.

An overview at the start.
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Wednesday 17 April 2024

Defending the Malay Barrier: Turn 2, 1st - 15th January 1942, Japanese WAF Patrol v WesGroup Sweep

In this phase the Japanese have sent out two patrols with the intention of intervening any allied sweeps before they interfere with any invasion or supply convoys.

The first action sees WesGroup out of Singapore intercepted by the WAF patrol:

HMS Exeter continues its northerly route having lost HMS Dragon crippled by an air attack and now returning to Singapore. The remaining two 'D' class light cruisers and 7 destroyers plough through the force 7 sea state with reduced visibility.

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Wednesday 3 April 2024

Defending the Malay Barrier: Turn 2, 1st - 15th January 1942, LBA Attacks

Two Japanese Land Based Air attacks were launched. One each from the Western Attack Force and the Eastern Attack Force.

Turning first to the WAF:

A force of Betty and Nell bombers, equipped with medium bombs and escorted by Zero fighters, successfully located the Royal Navy WestGroup who had been heading north to target the Malayan bound supply convoys.

The 4 British cruisers were in line astern lead by the Danae, followed by the flagship Exeter, Durban and Dragon. The cruisers were escorted by 7 destroyers.

9 flights of Nell bombers are in the first wave. One was damaged by AA fire with the remaining 8 dropping their payloads. 

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