Monday 27 June 2022

Nap Campaign: Battle of Grazzbenn 2nd April 1808: Turns 17 - 20

 Turn 17

The start of the turn saw the Imperial Guard continue their assault on the heights occupied by the Prussian left flank. Here the 1/2nd Chasseurs of the Old Guard (left column) and the 2/3rd Grenadiers of the Middle Guard charged the 2/2nd Silesia Landwehr accompanied by Blandowski. The Landwehr morale broke leading to a "Mass Panic" Brigade morale result. This would see the Silesians flee the field.

With more Prussian units routing from the field the Prussian left flank all but ceased to exist. The Imperial Guard were on the verge of completing their initial task albeit with some battalions having received higher than anticipated casualties.
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Friday 17 June 2022

Nap Campaign: Battle of Grazzbenn 2nd April 1808: Turns 11 - 16

 Turn 11

The Imperial Guard marches relentlessly on, their progress slowed as they enter broken terrain (half speed). Although the Prussian cavalry are light in numbers they are sufficient to prevent the French deploying their skirmishers. 

Napoleon decides he can wait no longer and orders Vandamme to begin his attack on the Prussian centre. The first columns move through the artillery line, several becoming unformed in doing so. 
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Wednesday 8 June 2022

Nap Campaign: Battle of Grazzbenn 2nd April 1808 : Turns 1 - 10

 Turn 1

The Prussians gained the initiative in turn 1 and had the privilege of firing the first artillery salvoes at the French. A single 6pdr scored a double 6 on an Old Guard 6pdr battery knocking out one of its guns and forcing the battery to retire. Otherwise it was rather uneventful with a sprinkling of French casualties along its front line.

The French response was rather underwhelming given their numbers. Casualties were inflicted on many Prussian units but mostly singles.
Turn 2

Scouts report to Napoleon that a Prussian force is moving towards their rear and expected to arrive early afternoon on their left flank. He therefore does not have the luxury of pounding the Prussians relentlessly utilising their advantage in artillery. 

Having won the initiative this turn, the French artillery open up again on the Prussians but with a repeat of turn 1 (poor dice rolls) Prussian casualties are relatively light. Earlier than he would have liked, the Imperial Guards were ordered to form attack columns ready to move out. The French plan being to deliver a right hook with the guards to be followed up by a blow to the centre with Vandamme's Corps.
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