Saturday, 8 December 2018

On the Workbench: 10mm George Washington and American Artillery

A few more to add to the collection of Pendraken 10mm AWI:

George Washington and staff. In reality he will double up as a divisional commander in other scenarios. Having acquired the figure from Pendraken I just had to include him.


Thursday, 6 December 2018

Nap Campaign: Casualty Recovery

One of the questions on the comments section of the Battle of Erfurt posting involved how I calculated casualty recovery.  I attach details below. The chart is taken from Sam Mustafa's Grande Armee rules and I have added factors to cover the campaign. 

Casualties represent injured, detached or deserters returning to their units.

To clarify:
Decisive victory is where the loser routs from the field.
Where the losing side withdraws from the field in good order leaving the ground to the victor, this is classed as a minor victory. Therefore -1 for the loser but no modification for the victor.
Troop grading is taken from the General de Brigade rules.

If anybody wishes to use this themselves please feel free to do so.

Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Nap Campaign: The Battle of Erfurt

As it has been a while since I played my Nap campaign, a reminder of the events that lead up to this battle can be found in the preceding post - Map Moves 21st to 22nd March.

The situation in this sector of the campaign. Blucher with the main Prussian Army is green 1 and 3. Napoleon is blue 1 and 3. This battle however takes place to the north east. The Prussian 14th Brigade (green 7) is en-route to reinforce Blucher when it is intercepted by Vandamme's 3rd French Corps (blue 9).

The Prussian Brigade commander, Ryssel, orders his men roused at first light ready to march to the Prussian capital. As dawn breaks French troops appear en-masse to the east and south east intent on intercepting them. Ryssel realises that Blucher risks being surrounded in the capital and sends a messenger to alert him on events unfolding on his north eastern flank. He intends to hold the French for as long as possible to allow Blucher to fall back (if that is what he decides to do!).

Vandamme at the head of the French 3rd Corps observes the Prussian troops deploying across his line of advance. To ensure Blucher remains trapped inside his capital he is determined to deal with this lesser Prussian force and quick order.

Continued -

Monday, 3 December 2018

On The Workbench: AWI 10mm Hessian Knyphausen Fusiliers

Another Hessian unit was completed today for the forthcoming 'White Plains' battle to be played in 10mm:

The Knyphausen Fusilier Regiment. Figures by Pendraken.

Wednesday, 28 November 2018

On The Workbench: 10mm AWI Hessian Rall Grenadier Regiment

Another unit completed this week is a battalion of Hessian Rall Grenadiers in 10mm -

This is a complete pack of 30 figures supplied by Pendraken. Unlike my 6mm they are mounted on 20mm x 20mm mdf bases from Warbases. A couple have been based on single 10mm x 10mm bases which allows for extra flexibility in the orbats.

More 10mm AWI are currently working their way through the production line, all for the White Plains scenario which will be played in due course.