Friday 19 February 2021

Broken Camera Update

With the frustrating 'hiatus' dragging on an update is overdue. I have been told today that my camera lens has been repaired and will be available for collection next Friday (26th Feb). Needless to say the pandemic has slowed the process down considerably. The cavalry skirmish at Isserlohn has been ready to play for the past few weeks and is gathering dust!

I have though been making inroads into my lead pile. So much so that re-supplies are needed from Baccus and it was welcome news indeed that their shopping cart re-opened today albeit for limited sized orders. My order as gone in which will bring me within touching distance of completing all the figures necessary for Talavera.

Another period receiving attention is the ECW. Aside from the existing project working my way through scenarios in the south west I have decided to add the Battle of Edgehill on the 'to do' list. To do it justice it will be played at a ratio of 1:10 requiring almost 3,000 figures. The obvious downside being that it will take time to paint this lot and although I have around 1,000 figures at present it is unlikely I will get it onto the tabletop this year. Painting of the largest foote regiment has been completed today and basing will commence tomorrow. This is 104 figures strong (40 pike and 64 musketeers). I can't wait to see the finished unit - it will in fact be the largest I have completed in any period!

All being well my next post will be Isserlohn followed by a rolling programme of after action reports.