Thursday 26 January 2023

Battle of Cristot 11th June 1944 - Turns 9 to Conclusion

 Turn 9

B and C companies of the E Yorks assist D company (bottom left) in clearing the woods of German infantry. D company though come under heavy fire from the woods opposite losing a platoon with the remainder suppressed.

The E Yorks 6pdr hurriedly moves off the road seeking cover as it comes under fire from the German 150mm infantry gun scoring a hit on the Lloyd Carrier.

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Saturday 21 January 2023

Battle of Cristot 11th June 1944 - Turns 1 to 8

This game is an adaption of a Rapid Fire scenario in the 'Normandy Battlegames' scenario book. It is relatively straightforward to adapt for Blitzkrieg Commander 4 with slightly more AFV's being the most obvious change.

Background to the battle.

After D-Day the 50th Infantry Division supported by the 8th Armoured Brigade pushed forward south of Bayeux in an attempt to take Tilly-sur-Suelles prior to a move on Villers Bocage with a view to outflanking the German defenders of Caen.  

The Germans had been reinforced by the Panzer Lehr Division who launched an attack towards Bayeux on the 9th June advancing to within 3 miles before being pulled back. On 11th June the 69th Brigade of the 50th Division attacked SS units defending the villages of Brouay and Cristot with the particular aim of capturing Hill 102, a slight rise giving commanding views over the area.

This scenario covers that assault by the 69th Brigade. 

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Tuesday 17 January 2023

Nap Campaign: Map Moves 3rd - 13th April 1808

There follows a lull in the fighting as all 3 French thrusts are held. The French had enjoyed a significant amount of success until these simultaneous setbacks. Had any one of them achieved victory freeing up resources for the other two, the allies may well have been facing defeat in the campaign. Victory is not assured for the allies yet though with the French switching to defence.

I will begin with the strategic maps giving an overview before zooming in one each theatre for more detail. I have not included every day's movements to avoid being swamped in maps, but it should be sufficient to indicate what has happened. 

3rd April
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Thursday 12 January 2023

Wargaming - An Update

The hiatus in my wargaming has unfortunately, extended into the new year. Having moved into a newbuild house last year I was fully aware that I would need deal with cracking caused by the house drying out and settling. The new year was my target to complete this work believing 2 or 3 days should sort it. How wrong I was. After a week of recaulking, filling and sanding I have still not lifted a paint brush!

Cristot is gathering dust (and cobwebs) in the garage although I did manage to complete Usher's dragoons, the last unit for Edgehill. Even figure painting is now suspended.

All being well normal service will be resumed in a few days. The Napoleonic campaign map moves have been completed leading to the next battle and will be the next blog post as soon as I have prepped it. I hope to have Edgehill on the board after Cristot but there will be a brief interlude while I insulate the garage door. The cold snap we had in December defeated my heaters and insulating the door is a fairly easy upgrade to improve the temperature. I have received a garage door insulation kit designed for the purpose and hopefully will do the job.

In the meantime, back to the rather less exciting task of sanding and painting.