Friday 28 October 2022

Nap Campaign: Battle of Holbrook 3rd April 1808 - Turns 13 to 18

 Turn 13

On the allied left flank, their artillery firing canister into Piat's brigade were taking a heavy toll.

On the French left, the 3/13th Light battalion of Schmitz' brigade were blown away by a British battery losing 6 casualties to canister fire plus 1 from a blast of musketry. Having lost over 50% of their number they failed their subsequent morale test and fled the field. The fence line to the right of the tree has now been swept clean of French infantry.

The rest of Schmitz' brigade, now joined by Aulard's battalions (middle right), had the better of the firefight with the Bremen Hanoverian battalion suffering particularly badly forcing it to retreat.

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Tuesday 18 October 2022

Nap Campaign: Battle of Holbrook 3rd April 1808 - Turns 1 to 12

 Turns 1 - 4

The preliminary bombardment begins. The French have formed most of their artillery into 3 grand batteries.

By the 2nd turn the French artillery were getting the better of the artillery exchange. In the lower left of the photo the 2/30th Line suffer heavy casualties from the central grand battery and retreat in disorder. General C Halkett rode over to rally them but failed!

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Friday 7 October 2022

Nap Campaign: Battle of Holbrook 3rd April 1808 - Introduction

Back from the hols (and a bout of Covid!) and now back to the real stuff. The next battle in the Napoleonic Campaign involves a French v Allied force with Grouchy seeking to capture Holland and expel the British.

A reminder of the strategic situation:

The battle is located at the top of the map with Blue 7 representing Grouchy's command. Red 3 are the British contingent of the allied force with General Hill in overall command. Grouchy is attempting to push through to capture the port of Gorizia.

Beneath Red N4 is the port of Gorizia and the primary location for the disembarkation of British reinforcements. 

Black 1 is Buttlar's Brunswick brigade responding to the Duke of Brunswick's call for reinforcements.

Yellow 4 is Col Best's Hanoverian Brigade who are now hurrying to join the allied army,

Blue 6 is D'Erlon with two divisions of infantry and one cavalry division who had been detached to eliminate a Dutch threat their flank. They are now moving to rejoin Grouchy.

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