Saturday 12 September 2015

Battle of Quatre Bras using General de Brigade Rules

This was a first attempt at this battle using the Deluxe Edition General de Brigade rules.

Foy's 9th Division were tasked with capturing Germoincourt before attacking Quatre Bras. Bachelu's 5th Division took the right flank attacking towards Quatre Bras from the north supported by the 2nd Cavalry Division. The Guard Light Cavalry anchored the left flank. Most of Perponchers 2nd Netherlands Division were positioned in Bossu Wood and across to the village of Quatre Bras.

Bachelu's division swept aside the 27th Dutch Jaeger as they swung towards the north of Quatre Bras. Foy's division however struggled to capture Germoincourt due to the stubborn resistance of the 5th Dutch Militia. They only fell back after suffering severe losses and delaying Foy's advance.

Merlen's Netherlands light cavalry brigade arrived followed by Picton's 5th Division who were immediately moved towards the allied left flank blocking Bachelu's march. Pack and Kempt's brigades lead supported by the 5th Hanoverian Brigade.

Meanwhile Jerome's 6th Division arrived on the French side and moved to attack Bossu Wood. They were followed by the heavy cavalry of the 11th Cavalry Division which moved to support Bachelu.

Tuesday 16 June 2015

Rebasing 6mm Napoleonics

With the rebasing of all 6mm Naps to change to General De Brigade rules well under way (approaching half way mark) this has slowed down the painting of new figs considerably. Questionable whether last year's record can be broken!