Saturday 23 October 2021

On the Workbench: Pony Wars Indians

The first batch of Baccus' Pony Wars Indians have been completed. 42 down 558 to go! The base frontage at 10mm per figure as as recommended in the rules. I have gone for a slightly narrower depth though at 15mm rather than 20mm. It is purely down to my aversion for overly large bases.

Judging by comments on social media, I was not alone agonising over the skin tone. Scouring photos online of painted figures in larger scales it would appear most have gone for a rather dark tone. Scaled down to 6mm dark can quickly appear almost black or make the figure look very dull. In the end I settled on the Foundry mid-tone flesh which was then given a nutbrown ink wash. They are probably a little too light but overall I am happy with the results. When sat next to the pale flesh of my European figures there is a clear difference.

Another factor I had trouble with was the base edge. I wanted their bases to be equally at home on the plains as in the desert, or at least acceptable to each. I settled on a sandy finish to the edge but now having completed the figures I have had a change of mind! It is not quite so obvious in the raw as in the photos but I aim to find a shade that blends in more with the base topside. I will experiment on the next batch and when happy will repaint these.

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Sunday 17 October 2021

On The Workbench: Rorke's Drift Garrison

The garrison for Rorke's Drift has now been completed on a 1:1 figure ratio. Most of the characters have been included with just the Chaplain and Surgeon Reynolds missing. I have yet to find a suitable figure for those two in 6mm.

Men of the 2/24th battalion to the rear and a detachment of 10 men from the 1/24th on the left.

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Saturday 9 October 2021

Pony Wars

 A new project!

It's probably not healthy starting another project when I have so many others on the go, but when Pete Berry at Baccus announced the release of the rejuvenated Pony Wars rules along with a new 6mm range it was too much to resist.

Even better, the rules are based on the films and TV show depictions of the US Cavalry v the Red Indians from days gone by rather than historical reality. As a child in the 60's my imagination was fired by the westerns of these presentations and many a happy time was had playing on the floor with my collection of Airfix figures along with the 'Fort Apache'. 

I have always had a soft spot for gaming the wild west but aside from my Airfix days, have only ever dabbled with 28mm and 15mm. This though is an opportunity to properly game the period with my favourite scale! Although described as 'skirmish' rules, up to 600 mounted braves will be required. A considerable task for the 15mm scale the rules were originally designed for.

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Tuesday 5 October 2021

On the Workbench: Zulus!

 My Rorke's Drift project almost reached a milestone. 

Rorke's Drift will be played on a figure ratio of 1:1 with Zulu casualties recycled. To that end I planned on using around 1,200 Zulus which are now complete and appear in the photos below. I had not calculated on the number of figures per Zulu regiment which in the end gravitated towards 240 figures each. This left one regiment not quite complete and another only half complete. Another 145 figures required!

A rarity for me is movement trays. 40mm x 40mm mdf edged with the same card I use for the figure bases house 20 figures each. The Zulu warriors are 5 to a 18mm square base. Rifle armed Zulus are on the same sized bases but broken down into 1's. 2's and 3's. They are 12 to a movement tray 50mm x 25mm.

On now to the Rorke's Drift garrison while I wait for more Zulus from Baccus.

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