Saturday 8 February 2020

On the Workbench: Rebasing WW2 Infantry

After much dithering, and following some of your helpful advice in a previous blog on this subject, I have finally settled on a thickness for my WW2 infantry bases:

The rebased Russians to the front with some rebased British paras to their rear, contrasts with the original card based Germans on the left.

I purchased several test sheets of plasticard ranging from 0.25mm to 1.5mm thickness. My original plasticard used was approximately 0.3mm - 0.35mm thick which I considered a little too thin. It was therefore a trial between the 0.50mm and 0.75mm sheets. 

There was little to choose between them with regard to figure handling and overall look. After a good deal of head-scratching I settled on 0.5mm. It brought the figures slightly more into height proportion when stood next to unbased vehicles and although a minor issue, it was easier to cut. I also decided to stick with the same basing finish.

Having rebased a number of figures I am now convinced I made the right decision. Unfortunately this will mean rebasing all my WW2 collection, but thankfully is not too great at this stage. 

This will be my final post before commencing my holiday next week. I will be accessing the internet periodically so will endeavour to deal with any queries that surface while I am away.

In the meantime enjoy your wargaming over the next few weeks and service will resume in late March.

Thursday 6 February 2020

On the Workbench: WOTR - Lots of Armour!

After a rather busy week I have managed to complete all the additional mounted and dismounted men-at-arms required for the forthcoming Wars of the Roses Kingmaker game - The Battle of Shrewsbury.

Light cavalry was also finished and as a result it is only foot figures now required before gaming can proceed.

I am still experimenting with the armour and reasonably happy so far. Basically started with block painting of silver, black wash and then a drybrush of the same silver (in this case Foundry). I had initially tried the GW Nuln Oil but it did not define the features as much as I would have liked. It could be because of the small scale. Their old Armour Wash was better. A thinned down black was used instead but in the longer term I am planning to knock up my own 'magic wash'. i.e. floor polish mixed with black paint.