Monday 28 February 2022

On the Workbench: SS Units for the Battle of Cristot

Preparation for the house move has necessitated packing away most of my terrain tiles meaning my wargaming will be on hold until after the move. The latest from the builder was another slight delay so at least a month away yet before that gets completed. Then there is the small matter of converting the garage!

My workbench is still active though and will continue to be so soon after the move. I am therefore concentrating on painting figures for future battles in my projects list.

Referring to a previous post I had intended to play Cristot, a WW2 Normandy game using 'O' Group rules but lost interest. Cristot was always on my 'to do' list but a larger version taken from a Rapid Fire scenario book and using Blitzkrieg Commander rules. The failed attempt at the 'O' Group game gave me the impetus to progress the BKC version.

On checking the orders of battle I found several German units needed to be completed along with a couple of British recce platoons. These were all painted in one lot and, apart from the British, are detailed here:

An overview of the German collection. Consisting of 5 x PzIVH, Sdkfz 231 8 rad armoured car, Sdkfz 10 and 11 halftracks, 5 x motor cycle combos, a SiG33 15cm infantry gun, 2 x MG42 on tripod sections, and 2 x Panzerschrek platoons.  

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Monday 14 February 2022

Battle of Tamames - 18th October 1809

Following on from Talavera, this is the next battle in my Peninsular War project which roughly plays through actions in a chronological order.

In September 1809, the Spanish Duke del Parque assumed command of the old army of Galicia, his native force, which had been recruiting and training in Leon. By 25th September, del Parque had concentrated 25,000 infantry and 1,500 cavalry and was awaiting the arrival of the other formation of the Army of the West under Ballesteros. It was his job to pull the French reserves away from Madrid with the expectation that the Army of La Mancha would take advantage of this and advance on the capital.

Facing him were the French 6th Corps commanded by Marchand, centred on Salamanca and numbering just over 14,000. The division of Kellerman added another 5,000. By 5th October, del Parque had advanced from Ciudad Rodrigo to Tamames. As soon as news of this Spanish advance reached Marchand he resolved to attack. On 17th October Marchand departed Salamanca with his entire Corps except for 2 battalions of the 50th Line who were left to hold the city. 

He arrived north of Tamames the following day where he was delighted to see the Spanish deployed to his front and ready for battle.

The initial deployments and first few moves will follow those along historical lines. Thereafter I shall seek to restore French pride or confirm Marchand's over-confidence.

 4'6" x 3' board
General de Brigade rules
All figures Baccus 6mm.

Terrain -
Open wood
Hill - difficult terrain across the whole of the raised area. Amendments to rules - Cavalry formed when stood but unformed as soon as moves. May charge unformed. Artillery may deploy. 
Tamames capacity 120
Chapel (to south of Tamames) capacity 40
Church (to east) capacity 25.

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Tuesday 1 February 2022

On the Workbench: More Pony Wars

There I was, table laid and all ready to go with the 'O' Group scenario 'Cristot'. Deployment phase completed and........ nothing! Equivalent to a screen freeze. I put it down to the wargamers version of the 'writers block'. A combination of interruptions, mostly real life, but partially the desire to get more figures painted stalled the game. 

Normally this would not be a problem but my aging brain was also wrestling with learning new rules and 'O' Group has plenty in there to get your head around. Gradually my motivation to play the game drained up to the point I finally surrendered and packed it away. This is not normally something I would do and at least have a go but with all enthusiasm gone I felt the need to get some Napoleonics on the tabletop with rules that I was familiar with.

As I write this the table is almost ready for the next game in my Peninsular War project, Tamames. An unusual battle in that the Spanish beat the French.

It is my intention to return to Cristot but the larger BKC4 version. I have a few figures and vehicles to paint first.

Now to the point of this blog post, the source of my distraction from the tabletop:

Another batch of 60 mounted braves completed and here is the collection to date, 360 of them. Just 240 to go!

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