Tuesday 26 September 2023

Nap Campaign: Battle of Presscot, 14th April 1808: Turns 1 - 8


The objectives for each allied Division.

Turns 1 - 4

Turn 1 saw the opening exchange of artillery fire and deployment of skirmishers. A With the allies outnumbered by artillery pieces, Wellington took no time to order the advance across the whole line. This is an overview after the opening moves in turn 2.

A reminder of how I play skirmishers. They are played in the abstract with each unit's and brigade skirmish values marked on the roster. This indicates how many dice rolls are made with a '6' to hit. Where possible they are rolled in pairs to allow for double '6' results. The only representation on the tabletop of skirmishers are those light battalions that deploy into skirmish formations when the normal skirmish rules apply.

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Monday 18 September 2023

Nap Campaign: Battle of Presscot, 14th April 1808 - Introduction

You will be able to find the strategic background to this battle in the last "Map Moves" posting which is located under the "Napoleonic Campaign Map Moves" label on the right.

This is the first incursion into French territory by allied forces. Wellington is in overall command with his 800 British/KGL force together with 426 Portuguese. His right flank is occupied by 1,106 Spanish. 

Attempting to repel the allies is the French 'Army of the South' commanded by Marshall Soult. The right (blue 4) is centred around the 6th Corps and on the left the 4th Corps.

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Friday 8 September 2023

Britannia Campaign: Map Moves Turn 4

A reminder of the colour coding for the British tribes. Green - pacified, orange - allied, blue - rebelling. 

The events this turn saw the 2nd Legion defeat the Durotriges tribe and is now pacified. The 16th Legion moved north to the Iceni who remarkably agreed to be allies. Should they be trusted! The 9th Legion has moved north to the territory owned by the pacified Trinovantes prior to advancing towards the Catuvellauni.

A problem has arisen for the Romans however, when the normally amenable Cantii tribe have rebelled. The 20th Legion that had been held in reserve, move to deal with the rebellion and will be the subject of the next battle.