Friday 28 May 2021

WW2 Reconnaissance in Strength: Part 5 - Map 9

 The next random map is Map 9:


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Sunday 23 May 2021

WW2 Reconnaissance in Strength: Part 4 - Map 5

 The next random selection is Map 5.


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Wednesday 19 May 2021

WW2 Reconnaissance in Strength: Part 3 - Map 6

The time came to test to see which map from 3 to 9 was next. I used a D10 using the first relevant number that was rolled. And that was a '6' so that map has now been added.

This map has no German forces positioned. However, 5% of the German total is deployed in concealed positions on such maps. In the book it describes that when blue (Russian) forces approach an area where troops can be concealed (e.g. a wood) they roll a D6 with a 5 or 6 revealing red (German) troops. A further die roll determines if it is the entire 5% (4, 5 or 6) or half that number with the remainder concealed elsewhere. The revealed troops immediately open fire. 

To define what "approach" means in BKCIV I have included two methods. The first is to Reconnoitre the area using Recce troops. If successful then the D6 is rolled to determine if concealed troops are present. The second method is where troops move within 10cm of that area at which point the test is made. The revealed troops will immediately open fire using Opportunity fire.

As you will see in the photographs I have introduced a second area of potential concealment, a couple of industrial buildings.


As previously only the bottom half of Map 6 will be represented rolling over to the full map as the Soviets advance.

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Tuesday 11 May 2021

WW2 Reconnaissance in Strength: Part 2 - Maps 1 - 2 Soviets Advance into the Pass

This first posting of the action will cover the first two maps and the initial arrival of the Soviet forces. The tabletop will initially represent Map 1 and the bottom half of Map 2 rolling over to the entirety of Map 2 as the Soviets advance.


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Wednesday 5 May 2021

WW2 Reconnaissance in Strength: Part 1 - Mini Campaign Introduction

Back to WW2 and a long-awaited mini-campaign involving the Soviets.

I recommend checking my previous post under this label for background information relating to the campaign. The rules used will be Blitzkrieg Commander 4. Figures and vehicles are a mix of Heroics & Ros, 2D6 Wargaming and GHQ.

The action will be reported on the blog from a Russian perspective with the Germans controlled by AI. 

Orders of battle have been changed from the book increasing them in size. 

The Scenario


The force commander has been instructed to reconnoitre a mountain pass preparatory to a new Russian offensive. Not expecting any material opposition, Russian High Command believe they are incredibly generous allocating a reinforced motorised infantry regiment to complete the task. 

His task is to establish what, if any, German forces are occupying the pass and aggressively drive them out if he is confident of success. Which of course the High Command have no doubt that this is precisely what he will do!

The Russian commander despairs of the largely clapped out early model T34's making up his armoured support and the addition of a naval infantry battalion does not assuage his concerns. Its all very well believing there will be little opposition but the narrow steep-sided pass could prove to be a killing ground to a well organised defence. 


Several Fallschirmjager and SS units have been sent to a mountain pass, ostensibly to rest having been heavily committed in the fighting, but to hold it should the Russians foolishly attempt to find a way through. Their victory condition is simple to prevent the Russians from taking the valley.

This is the map from the book. I have recreated these to take account of my terrain which you will find below.

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Sunday 2 May 2021

ECW The Battle of Chewton Mendip - Part 3 of 3: Turns 7 - 14 (Conclusion)

 Turn 7

The battlefield remains blanketed by mist leading to some startling results. On the left the Forlorn Hope has rallied and as it moves forward a mass of swirling cavalry appears before them. A panic overcomes the dragoons and they promptly flee the field!

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