Monday 29 October 2018

Operation Nostalgia: Map Moves Day 3 Move 2 - Move 3

With the air phase of Day 3, Move 2 complete, all naval elements were moved:

The US landing fleet (red 2) approach its target beach at the north end of Karpathos (north red beach on map). The 8th Army landing fleet (red 1) closes in on its target at the north end of Rhodes (north east red beach on map). 

Several Axis flotillas have returned to port for refuelling. The U-Boats (blue 3 & 4, the latter submerged) attempt to close in on the US fleet.

Continued -

Day 3, Move 3:

There was little Axis air activity this move as most were either being repaired or refuelled. A single Arado maintained its patrol but failed to spot any allied ships. 

For the Allies a squadron of 9 Dakotas transporting the 1st British Para Battalion took off from Egypt escorted by a squadron of 12 Beaufighters heading for Rhodes.

The situation at the end of this move saw both allied landing fleets arrive at their target destinations. The 2 U-boats continued to close on the US fleet.

The Commandos on Kasos report the passage of a Merchant vessel (blue 1).

The 8th Army plans for Rhodes:

The 1st Para Bn to be air dropped north west of Lindos and when assembled, to secure that village. The Paras are then to prevent any reinforcements from travelling north along the coast road.

The 8th Army brigade is to capture the Port of Rhodes and the airfield at Maritza. Units with an anti-tank capability to reinforce the Paras in Lindos.

The US Army plans for Karpathos:

The US Army to capture Pigo as quickly as possible to allow for the heavier trucks and armour to be landed on one of the few good roads.

Operation Nostalgia will now be suspended primarily awaiting Heroic & Ros to update their moulds, particularly of German and US infantry. Some terrain will also need to be constructed. The largest of which will be the 2 ports.

I have not quite finished with WW2 naval warfare. With the ships now painted, The Battle of the River Plate will be played fairly soon, the results of which will be on the blog.

My attention will then be turned to continuing other projects. 


  1. I have enjoyed this campaign largely because it has been narrated in such a believable way - looking forward to the River Plate game, it is the only thing I have ever attempted to do with naval gaming and that was some years ago, so I shall enjoy the re-visit through your set-up.

    1. Pleased you enjoyed it Norm. The River Plate game should be a nice little scenario to conclude with. It is also one I always intended to game but never got around to.

  2. I agree with Norm 100%. A very engaging and credible backstory with some very clever integration of air and naval rules systems. It all works very well. I hope Heroics and Ros get a move on!

    I actually played in a similar WW2 Aegean campaign at the local club a few years ago but it was just for land actions and used BKC, which I don't really like. It was good fun though and my Italian commander got up to all sorts of dodgy political shenanigans!

    1. Many thanks Jim. Sounds like you had a fun campaign. The antics of the Italian commander conjures up all sorts of images! I can recall my mother and Aunt telling me about Italian POW's working on the farms nearby with minimal guards and a good deal of freedom. They had no intention of escaping and were more than happy to stay out of it.

  3. I too hope that the figures for the ground segments of the campaign are forth coming! On the other hand, I look forward to reading of your other projects as well,.

    1. Thanks Peter. You will be pleased to hear that I intend to return to Napoleonics after the naval action.