Thursday, 18 October 2018

On The Workbench: 1/3000 ships

This week saw the completion of more 1/3000 vessels for Op Nostalgia. All are Navwar.

The Troop Transport Prince David. Unfortunately this ship was sunk in my campaign but will always be useful for the future.

Continued -

5 x Italian Torpedo Boats. In the lead is a Cyclone class with the remainder being Spica class.

2 x Italian Marcello class submarines.

5 x German vessels. In the lead (top left) is an Elbing class Torpedo Boat and a 1935 type TB. In the middle are 2 x Mowe class TB's and in the rear is a naval trawler.

I shall be away from tomorrow until 26th October so this will be the last posting for a short while. The last batch of ships in this project are almost complete and will feature in the next 'On The Workbench' posting soon after my return. 

Although I should have some internet connection I am not sure of the quality so apologise to any readers who have questions if I am unable to reply until my return.


  1. Very nice! Love those crisp paint jobs.

  2. Very well done, especially as they are so tiddly.

    1. Lol. Putting a mast on the trawler was an interesting experience!

  3. Looking good - the deck stripes on the Italians is a nice touch.