Saturday 6 October 2018

On the Workbench: JU52's and final batch of ships.

Helping my elderly parents move home over the last few days has slowed my wargaming activity to a crawl! I did however, manage to complete the final aircraft for Op Nostaglia:

JU52's now complete the Op Nostalgia aircraft project. As with the other aircraft they are 1/600 by Tumbling Dice.  

Continued -
With aircraft out of the way my attention now turns to completing the ships for this campaign.

The painted merchant vessels at the top of the photo have received masts. When looking over the photos from the most recent action for Op Nostalgia something was missing on the various merchant vessels when compared to the warships that had received their masts. Better just bite the bullet and get it done.

You may have noticed Achilles, Ajax and Graf Spee to the right of the photo. Ajax and Graf Spee are in need of repainting and Achilles is a new purchase from Navwar. I have decided to play the battle of the River Plate which is an easy enough scenario to put together.


  1. Very nice aircraft and your sea vessel bases look excellent.



    1. Thanks Peter. Yes I am pleased with how the sea bases turned out.

  2. Really like the JU-52’s, though could you please stop tempting me in to buying more 1/600 planes :-)

    Seeing as you’ve painted the JU-52’s will there be a Fallschirmjager landing then?


    1. Thanks Richard. Yes there are Fallschirmjagers currently on Rhodes with their transports. Their role is to reinforce any island as required. However, they are currently in the main firing line! Axis command are going to have to decide whether to let them stay put and defend Rhodes or redeploy to preserve their reserve status.