Wednesday 19 December 2018

Review of 2018

With 2018 coming to a close it is time to review my wargaming over this past year. 

I will away from 20th December so all wargaming will cease for a couple of weeks with normal service resuming on my return on 6th January.

In looking back at my 2018 plans, it is best described as indiscipline on my part! It started well then went completely astray when I painted a 1/1200 scale warship purely as a break from painting figures, only to find myself being sucked into naval wargaming! It did provide an excuse for restarting Operation Nostalgia which included air wargaming. A first for me!

In looking back over the past year I will refer back to my original plans and examine what has been achieved and what has not. Under each of the three headings, 'Battles', 'Campaigns' and 'Painting', I will add what I have completed but not planned for originally.

This is the first full year of my blog and I have to say it is useful in keeping your mind focused on the various projects. Normally I meander through all manner of stuff including part starting projects that often barely get off the ground. A bad idea if you want to avoid amassing unused lead piles!

On to the review. The text in Italics is taken directly from my original 'Plans 2018' posting -


Wars of the Roses:

Battle of Milford Haven in Kingmaker campaign played,


Waterloo - This is a project I started in late 2009 with the aim of refighting this battle in 6mm at a scale of 1:20. To date over 12,000 Napoleonic figures have been painted of which around 9,000 will be used for the battle. It is by far the largest battle that I will have ever played which will be solo and using General de Brigade rules with some modifications. It will not be quick! All buildings have now been acquired and painted. I will be doing a stock check in the new year to ensure I have enough hedge and hill sections anticipating a few more may be needed. All being well I hope to game this within the next 3 - 4 months.              COMPLETED

Oporto - The next battle in my Peninsular War project. All figures have been acquired. Terrain needs to be completed.         COMPLETED

Erfurt - French v Prussian battle in the Napoleonic Campaign project. French victory


Gettysburg - Day 2 scenario from the original Fire & Fury book. i.e. the entire battlefield, using approximately 4,000 6mm figures. This will be brigade level using the F&F orbats from the book. It will be a straight forward conversion for Guns at Gettysburg rules with my own amendments including units representing brigades rather than battalions. Figures are almost complete but I have some work to do on terrain before this will be ready. Target will be the autumn for the refight.   FAILED! Figures completed but very little terrain,

Big Bethel - from Regimental Fire & Fury scenario book   FAILED! Terrain completed and figures ready. Good to go in the new year.

McDowell - Scenario 3 in the Guns at Gettysburg, Stonewall Jackson scenario book.   FAILED!

ACW was unfortunately sidelined this year with no battles gamed.


Having fought the first battles of the North Africa campaign in 1940, I now move on to Operation Compass actions. Using Blitzkrieg Commander 2 rules:

Into the Gap 19th Nov 1940     COMPLETED
Nibeiwa 9th Dec 1940              FAILED!
Matkila 11th Dec 1940             FAILED!

Op Market Garden - This will depend on the schedule release of the new sculps from Heroics and Ros. Into the Woods from the Rapid Fire Scenario book will be the first to play all being well.

Awaiting new releases from H&R.

Operation Nostalgia, WW2 in the Aegean campaign was started although not initially planned for. A sudden enthusiasm for naval kick-started it. A total of 11 naval and air actions have been played out.



Warplan 5/5 campaign to continue.

A little slow but one battle and a day's map move completed.

Wars of the Roses:

Kingmaker campaign to begin with first battle planned late January.

Battle of Milford Haven played, map moves completed and Siege of Alnwick Castle due to be played.


This is a campaign in 15mm I started 8 or 9 years ago but with very little progress. It was set in a fictional Sudan but I intend to have a fresh look at this. I have a sizeable lead pile in 15mm as well as several Nile steamers yet to be constructed. This year I completed rebasing my existing figures and acquired a number of movement trays from Warbases. If I have time, and its probably a big 'if', I may restart this on a completely fictional map. The Sword and the Flame rules has been, and will continue to be used.       FAILED!


I average approx 3,000 x 6mm figures per year painted + a handful in other scales (10mm & 15mm). With that in mind:

ACW 6mm - complete for Gettysburg. Approx 300 figures left to paint.      COMPLETED

Wars of the Roses 6mm - Paint sufficient for Kingmaker. 500 painted, approx 1,500 to paint. 
410 painted.

Napoleonic 6mm - Continue painting for Peninsular war. Spanish, Portuguese, some French and British units and French allies. Approx 500 figures needed for 2018.   47 Painted

WW2 6mm - Paint British paras currently on order from H&R. Approx 150 figs. Similar number of Germans should they become available together with associated vehicles.   

British Paras have been completed and all German vehicles and armour. I have acquired German figures which are older sculpts from H&R. If there is no sign of any new releases I may paint these up to use as they are quite respectable if not up to the standards of their new stuff. There are 2 or 3 buildings to be acquired to complete the terrain.
A total of 192 painted which included N.Africa. 56 vehicles and armour also completed.

WW2 1/3000 ships - 77 painted
WW2 1/1200 ships - 25 painted
WW2 1/600 Aircraft - 159 painted

Also Painted:
AWI 10mm - 155 

Total 6mm figures painted - 1,046. Not quite the 3,000 planned!

Terrain to be completed for Waterloo, Oporto and Gettysburg. Additional terrain to be completed for Napoleonic campaign particularly rocky terrain.

Waterloo      COMPLETED
Oporto          COMPLETED
Gettysburg    FAILED!

Although the number of 6mm figures painted fell considerably short of what was planned, a good deal of wargame time was devoted to other projects. Waterloo took 2 months to play through during which all painting ceased. Also this year a good deal of time was devoted to terrain making, particularly for North Africa.

In the new year I will produce my plans for 2019 which I hope to stick to a little better! It has certainly been a useful exercise and helps focus the mind on a core of projects without deviating too much.

This is my last posting of the year. I wish you all a merry Christmas and a great new wargaming year.


  1. Merry Christmas, Jon, and a Happy New Year!

    I enjoyed your blog this past year. 2018 was a success for you on the hobby front and a visual treat for your readers. Well done!

    1. Many thanks Jonathan and also for your support throughout the year.

  2. That was a set of ambitious plans, I think that your Waterloo game wipes the slate clean of anything you might term a failure, probably the best series of blog posts anywhere on the blogosphere in 2018.

    Looks like some ACW could grace your 2019 table :-)

    1. Likewise Norm, your support was much appreciated. Very chuffed with your comments about my blog. It's been a pretty steep learning curve and it does add a whole new dimension to your hobby. I think you are right, ACW should feature more highly next year.

  3. Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to you Jon

    I really enjoy reading your blog posts though I don’t always get time to comment these days. Look forward to 2019’s postings whatever they may be :-)


  4. An enjoyable blog to read, even the periods I don't personally game. Look forward to some ACW next year. Merry Xmas.

    1. Many thanks Anthony. Likewise merry Xmas to you.

  5. Best wishes for the Festivities Jon. It has been an absolute joy to follow your blog throughout the year. Thank you!

    Enjoy your holiday 😊

    1. Many thanks Mike and all the best to you for Xmas and new year.

  6. It's been a great year sharing your gaming life on the blog. You have accomplished a lot, even if it may not be exactly what you set out to do at years start. Then again, seldom does a year at iot's end look exactly the way we had anticipated at it's start!

    Have a Merry Christmas and a happy holiday!

    1. Thanks Peter, and many thanks also for your support throughout the year. Have a great Xmas and near year.

  7. Jon

    I have really enjoyed reading you blog posts over the year.

    You have many similar interests to me especially with the 6mm Napoleonic, WWII and the naval forces. In fact my first Adler Napoleonics were acquired in 1994 with an intention to ‘just’ do Waterloo. Many tens of thousands of figures later (quite a bit unpainted) I reckon I could do anything from 1809 onwards - once they’re painted :)

    I do hope you keep up the blog and activity into 2019 and onwards. I’ll be following with interest and taking inspiration.


    1. Many thanks Richard. Sounds like you have enormous potential for your 6mm Nap collection. I am here on holiday already making plans for next year! Have a great Xmas and new year.