Thursday 13 December 2018

On the Workbench: 10mm AWI British Light Dragoons and Generals

The latest unit to be completed for the AWI White Plains game is the British 16th Light Dragoons. 10mm figures by Pendraken:

Only 8 of the 12 painted will be required for the battle.


 2 British brigade commanders also completed.

I picked up the latest edition of Wargames Illustrated in the local W.H.Smith's with the free 1/300 scale E-Boats. It was the last one on the shelves! For anyone who has not seen the publicity over recent weeks, Warlord Games have launched their 'Cruel Seas' range. This is mostly boxed sets of 1/300 scale plastic coastal forces complete with a rules system.

A pair of either E-Boats or British MTB's are included with WI. Unsurprisingly there was some damage to the various fittings which I have managed to repair. They are after all loose in a polythene bag with the magazine! There is a fitting on one of the boats that has broken off, of which there was no sign in the bag. Frustrating but not the end of the world!

With all my other naval stuff in 1/3000, 1/1200 and 1/600 scales I do not intend to seriously start in yet another scale. These will be useful to tie in with my 1/300 scale WW2 figures for small raids or to make a presence in harbours etc. or for the occasional naval skirmish.

The models themselves look nicely detailed and at some point in the new year I will assemble and paint them. They come with no crew so I may trawl my 1/300 spares seeking to recruit several to populate the deck.


  1. Love the sharpness and definition of your painting on the Light Dragoons!

  2. Sharply dressed dragoons, Jon!

    I saw one of the plastic boats from the WI mag and the detailing looked really good.

    1. Thanks Jonathan. Yes the boats are good. I am hoping they will sell single ships rather than just boxed sets as is the case at present. They could prove useful.