Monday 1 August 2022

Nap Campaign: Map Moves 2nd April 1808


An overview at the end of the day on 2nd April. While Napoleon and Blucher were slugging it out other forces were on the move. As before I will cover each theatre in more detail below.
Continued -
Firstly the north east where the battle of Grazzbenn has just concluded. Napoleon begins his retreat to the south. Blue 11 are currently the only reinforcements for Napoleon consisting of Domon's cavalry division en-route to rejoin the 3rd Corps.

Blue 7 is Marshall Grouchy with the army of the west centered around a reinforced 1st Corps. He has 3 infantry divisions, 3 cavalry divisions and the Young Guard and Light Cavalry of the Guard. 

Blue 3 is D'Erlon with 2 infantry and 1 cavalry division that had been separated to deal with some detached Dutch/Belgians (see battle of Tourane). Although successful, apart from that pesky Col Best and his Hanoverians (yellow 4), he is sorely needed north now to rejoin with Grouchy. 

Black 1 is a Brunswick brigade hurrying to reinforce the allies.

Returning to Grouchy. As in the south, British reinforcements continue to arrive in the port of Gorizia (beneath red N4). Therefore, the longer he waits the tougher it will be to defeat the allies. Deciding he has no option he decides to attack the allied force situated on a patch of good ground between too impenetrable swamps and blocking his route to the port.

General Hill is in command of the allied force consisting of 501 British, 306 Dutch/Belgians, 273 Hanoverians, and 148 Brunswickers, totalling 1,228. A slight advantage in numbers but many of dubious quality.

The scene is set for the battle of Holbrook (a nearby village).

In the south, Marshall Soult (blue 5) with the 4th Corps, the 2nd Cavalry Corps and the 19th Division from the 6th Corps, decided it war fruitless attempting to force his way through the allied lines south to capture the main port where British reinforcements continued to land. He would withdraw to await the arrival of the 22nd (Confederation of the Rhine) division newly arrived an en-route (see main map at top, the blue marker on the right near the coast). Opportunities may arise if Wellington can be lured from his strong defensive position.

To the north, Lobau with 1 infantry and 1 cavalry division are tasked with eliminating any threat from a Spanish force that had ventured into northern Portugal. The Spanish force commanded by Iglesias with an infantry division had orders to withdraw and not engage the French until reinforced which he partially undertook. His pride though dictated otherwise and he decided to make a stand. The scene is now set for the battle of Sanlucar.

Wellington for his part has no intention of venturing out until more reinforcements arrive and more Portuguese units have been mobilised. He will attack the French at a time of his own choosing. 

Blue 10 is the 20th Division of the 6th Corps occupying the Spanish capital awaiting orders. 
I will be playing Sanlucar first being the smaller of the two battles and quicker to get on the tabletop. I intend to follow this with Holbrook which I will prepare in the meantime. Therefore:

NEXT: Battle of Sanlucar (Spanish v French)


  1. Nice to see how the campaign sits at present Jon. I am wondering whether Blucher and co will pursue the Corsican Ogre or not soon, or count their lucky stars and sit and recuperate at Grazzbehn. As always I'm looking forward to the next couple of battles and naturally yhe campaign moves after that.

    1. Many thanks Steve. Some of Blucher's troops could certainly do with some R&R.