Tuesday 27 December 2022

Review of 2022

My wargaming has slowed to a crawl since my last blog posting. A host of reasons intruded on my available time not least a downturn in my wargaming mojo! Over a month ago I set up a WW2 game, the battle of Cristot, and so far have only completed a half dozen turns. I did though manage to keep up a reasonably steady amounting of painting, more of that below.

So with the end of year approaching, it is time to review what I have completed over the past 12 months. As in previous years I will republish my plans for the year and update them as to what has been accomplished. Text in italics are taken from those plans.



Early Imperial Roman 2nd Augusta Legion v Ancient British Durotriges tribe in the west country.

Unfortunately, no further forward. It was my intention to construct an iron age hillfort, and although tempted to forsake that just to get the game done, decided I really should complete the construction given the location of the action. I have completed the base and some test palisade and hope to progress this early in the new year.


Stoke Lane 1st July 1643.

Completed - https://grymauch.blogspot.com/2022/09/ecw-battle-of-stoke-lane-1st-july-1643.html

Edgehill - a considerable number of figures need to be painted. I have included this battle as a possible although probably a long-shot for this year.

Definitely on course to be played next year. 

Continued - 


Peninsular War project - Battle of Tamames 18th October 1809 Spanish v French. 

Completed - https://grymauch.blogspot.com/2022/02/battle-of-tamames-18th-october-1809.html

Napoleonic Campaign - Grazzbenn (French v Prussians). This will be the largest game I will have played since Waterloo. It is ready to go but given its size I am waiting until after I have moved when I will hopefully have more space.

Completed - https://grymauch.blogspot.com/2022/05/nap-campaign-battle-of-grazzbenn-2nd_29.html

Also in the campaign two further battles were played. The first being Sanlucar:


And lastly Holbrook - https://grymauch.blogspot.com/2022/10/nap-campaign-battle-of-holbrook-3rd.html


ACW fictional campaign - battles of Tenterfield and Dunbart.

Scenarios - I may well add an historical battle with Antietam looking promising. I would need to paint more figures though but all this will depend on Gettysburg:

Gettysburg Day 2 - I have been creating a map based on the Day 2 map in the original Fire and Fury rule book. My figure bases are 60% of the size of those used for 15mm in the rules which translates to a table 8'3" x 3'9" extending to 4'6". The garage upgrade (see above) will hopefully allow for that. Providing I can complete the terrain required I intend to play this before the year is out.

Unfortunately a total absence of ACW wargames this year. More terrain has been completed for Gettysburg (see below).


Rorkes Drift - Most of the figures have now been painted with just the terrain to be completed.

Another failure! 


A priority to get the figures painted followed by terrain. I am optimistic (should not have said that!) a game or games will be played this year. 

No games!


Battle south of Nibeiwa - Operation Compass campaign


Groesbeek Heights - Op Market Garden


Cristot scenario - 'O' Group rules

I try to avoid the urge to buy every new wargames ruleset which is not an easy thing to do given the very tempting new offerings that appear. That said I do not rule it out completely and although I enjoy Blitzkrieg Commander IV there is room for improvement. Recently I have been paying closer attention to Dave Brown's latest WW2 offering, 'O' Group. I have now purchased them as a possible replacement for BKC or having them as an addition but at a different level. This could change the WW2 plans for the year trialling this ruleset and maybe even shoe-horning them into the Op Compass campaign.

I began playing this game but soon established these were not the rules for me. I appreciate they are very popular, just not my style of gaming. My BKC version (a Rapid Fire scenario) is currently on the board and will be reported on in the new year.



Roman invasion of Britain. A hillfort needs to be constructed whereupon the next battle will be played set in the west country - Dorset of course!

Beginnings of hillfort now under construction


Kingmaker campaign. Next map moves needed to be done. I am hopeful progress can be made during the course of the year.

No progress. This may be put on ice for now.


Warplan 5/5 campaign to continue. The large battle of Grazzbenn to be played after my house move. I would hope more games are added later in the year.

This was fulfilled. See battles above.


Another Warplan 5/5 campaign. I hope to play both impending battles before the year is out.

Nothing completed this year. I shall be having a rethink on this campaign next year including how I scratch my ACW itch.


Op Compass campaign to continue with 2 actions to be played including one in the Italian camps.

No progress this year. More desert terrain to be completed before continuation of this project.


Targets for the year:

I shall be aiming for 3,000 x 6mm figures painted. My targets:

600 x Pony Wars                         
290 completed

1000 x ECW  (Edgehill)                 
1354 completed

700 x Zulu Wars (Rorkes Drift)
None completed! I have though decided that I currently have enough to fight the action. Terrain to be completed before the game is played.

400 x WW2  (Groesbeek Heights / Cristot)
61 + 24 vehicles/tanks completed. Sufficient for Cristot only.
300 Punic Wars (Trebia)
None completed!

There is a high probability that Napoleonics will be added but no specific requirements as yet.
364 completed.

A total of 2069 figures painted for the year. 1,000 short of the target!

Terrain - 

Base constructed and test pieces for palisade. 

Rorkes Drift
A 10mm version has been purchased better suited to a 1:1 scale game. Yet to start on this.

Pony Wars buildings, fort, mining camp + various mountain passes etc.
A few buildings have been painted which will also be used for Gettysburg.

Gettysburg - more buildings and lots of fences!
As above, a few buildings completed but more to be done. A significant number of scratchbuilt fences have been constructed and, fingers crossed, I should now have enough.

Overall, I have not been able to achieve what I hoped this year, primarily due to a house move where a new wargame venue had to be prepared. I may have to accept that a figure target of 2,500 rather than 3,000 is more realistic.

I will shortly post my plans for the coming year. Hope everybody had a great Christmas, and if I do not get the next post up before the new year, have a good one.


  1. I might have guessed, Jon, that someone who produces such superb battlefields - and pictures to do them justice - would be the type who would be organised enough to have set goals and a programme that makes them realistic, whether or not realised in the event!
    It puts to shame dilettantes like me!

    1. Many thanks for your kind comments AP. Being a wargame 'butterfly', if I did not set myself goals I would lose all self-control! As it is I struggle to maintain that discipline through the year. Far too many periods and theatres spark my interest than is healthy and desperately trying to keep it to just a handful.

  2. Don't worry - take a break and come back fighting fit. We will all still be out here looking forward to your next game with anticipation - they are greatly enjoyed.

    1. Many thanks for your comments Rob and support through the year. It is much appreciated.

  3. Jon, the breadth of your collections / aspirations are amazing.

    1. Many thanks for your supportive comments Norm and also your support since I started blogging.

  4. Jon it continues to be very enjoyable reading about your plans and progress - as well as he games. Your focus on 6mm is music to my ears as I push on through a major project to do the units the battles of 1813 at 1:20 using Adler minis.


    1. Many thanks Richard. 1813! I have had that in my sights for many years and hopefully, one day will pile in. Adler's are excellent figures and I came very close to going with them initially.

  5. An interesting read Jon and despite the disruption caused by the move, you've still managed some cracking games for us to all enjoy. October and November appeared to be some months of malaise for many wargamers, where our mojo's had flown South for some reason or other. I know mine did and certainly I'm struggling to get back into painting for a variety of reasons.

    As for 'O' Group, I will be interested to see how popular these remain once that initial enthusiams has worn off. I did consider them but decided against it, given that I'm perfectly happy with BKCII and a dash of BKCIV thrown in.

    1. Many thanks for your support Steve throughout. I think sometimes it is good to have a break. I find it is not long before I become fired up again afresh.

      I agree about 'O' Group. Reality is I am settled on BKC and don't know why I keep buying other rules to try out when invariably I am disappointed.

  6. Hello Jon, hope all is well. It's funny how we can be so happy with our given rules, but continually try others; it is truly part of the wargaming 'disease' ;) I love simply coming to gaze at your blog, the troops and tables are mesmerizing. With respect to games, I'm waiting with bated breath for Cristot and Groessbeck Heights!


    1. Many thanks for that Jack. I agree about the 'disease'. There are an obscene number of rulebooks on my shelves that have either been barely tried or not touched at all other than a browse through. I really should press on with Groessbeck Heights given that my Market Garden project has had something of a hiatus.

    2. My pleasure Jon, your blog is one of my favorite places on the internet!

      Regarding Groesbeek Heights, I'm curious, where are you drawing scenario material from? I'm fascinated with all three Airborne Divisions' sectors, but the focus always seems to be on Son, Nijmegen, and Arnhem (the bridge). I'm always interested in scenario info for the 'outlying' areas.


    3. The scenario is from the Rapid Fire 'Market Garden' campaign supplement. I see that there is a PDF version on the Rapid Fire website for £8. Well worth a look.

    4. Thanks Jon, I'll check it out!


  7. Considering the disruption of your move, I'd say you did very well. Doing your superb battle reports is time consuming in the extreme, as I am well aware from my own experience!

    1. Many thanks Peter. Battle reports certainly do lengthen play time!