Sunday, 18 April 2021

ECW The Battle of Chewton Mendip - Part 1 of 3: Introduction

The Battle of Chewton Mendip is the second battle in my project playing historical encounters from the Campaign Scenarios book - 'The 1643 Campaign for the South-West' by Robert Giglio. Principally written for 'Forlorn Hope' rules it can be used for any.

This is part 2 of a 2-part battle, the first being Glastonbury. There is an option in the scenario to treat both as a mini campaign with casualties carried over from Glastonbury. I decided to replay the action as a stand-alone battle using historical orders of battle.

After Glastonbury, the pursuing Royalist cavalry the same day met the Parliamentarians about a mile before the village of Chewton Mendip "the enemy faced about againe with theire horse" in Chewton Mendip Heath.

The Battle of Chewton Mendip
12th June 1643
Table Size 3'9" x 3'
Rules - Forlorn Hope

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I am experimenting here with the army roster adding casualty boxes to be marked off with the diagonal line set at 20% loss increments. They will come more into their own with the mixed pike/musket foot regiments.

Royalist Reinforcements
Beginning each turn start of turn 3 tests are made to establish if reinforcements arrive in column on road from Wells. Dragoons lead the column.

Game Duration
Royalists have initiative in turn 1. Game lasts until one side is victorious.

Special Rule - Sudden Misty Fog
Beginning each turn starting from turn 2 tests are made to establish if fog arrives impacting on abilities of units.

Victory Conditions
Major victory - routs enemy sustaining less than 50% casualties
Minor victory - routs enemy.

Major victory - routs enemy sustaining less than 50% casualties
Minor victory - routs enemy.

Overview looking east from behind Royalist position.

Looking west from behind Parliamentarian position.


Right division Waller's dragoons 

Left division Waller's dragoons.

Forlorn Hope.

Royalists with Prince Maurice on the right of the photo.

NEXT: The first moves.


  1. Hi Jon I know I am going to have to wait, but I will say it all the same "I cannot wait for the next instalment" 😀
    Regards Peter

  2. That's a nice sized game and the detailed OOB are very useful and as you say, can be used for other rulesets. As always you're game looks superb and I eagerly await the next instalment:)

    1. Many thanks Steve. It is rather handy being able to play out games on a small table and with room to spare!

  3. Great to see another instalment - I'm always amazed at the care taken with the terrain. The 'yellow' fields and river look particularly effective. Are the fields just dyed towelling ? Anyway, looking forward to the next episode !

    1. Many thanks - the fields are old towels heavily drybrushed. Very quick to do!

  4. Jon, that’s a good looking table. I will be interested to see how you get on with the rosters with a mid-sized battle.

    1. Many thanks Norm. I have prepared Edgehill's rosters - fingers crossed they work well.