Monday 15 June 2020

On the Workbench: WW2 Soviet Infantry Battalions & Bersaglieri Motor Cyclists

WW2 Soviet Infantry battalions have been completed for the Recce in Strength project. 

There are 3 infantry battalions, 1 naval infantry battalion and a recce infantry battalion plus several other bases such as Div and Brig command, anti-tank rifle platoons, LMG platoons, a flamethrower platoon and a couple of female sniper teams. All by 2D6 miniatures.

I say 'complete' but they are waiting on Maxim machine gun teams to be released by 2D6.

Continued -

Rebasing my WW2 collection onto thin plasticard bases is now almost complete. When it came to the Italian Bersaglieri motor cycle units I took the decision that they really needed repainting. These figures are the older Heroics & Ros and are actually designed as Germans. The detail is so basic though they will stand in for anything. 

To make them stand out as much as possible I avoided any dry-brushing leaving tyres and wheels dark. I also had to paint on webbing in the absence of any such detail on the sculpts. For comparison I include the first photo showing their original appearance. I had little motivation in doing much with these and basically just speed painted them. 

They look a little more respectable now and they definitely benefited from having filler applied to cover the figure bases. 


  1. Those Russians are damned impressive and you've done a great job on painting the excellent 2D6 sculpts. I like the smaller bases too, which in hindsight would have been better for my 10mm forces. The revamped motorcyles are excellent. Now we just need to see them in action;)

    1. Many thanks Steve. With the bases, I like the idea of being able to slot the figures into the terrain as much as possible hence the smaller size.