Friday 29 March 2019

On the Workbench: More 6mm Medieval Buildings + Battle of Front Royal Preview

Tomorrow I shall be heading off on holiday for 8 days and today saw my final wargaming input before the break. 3 more buildings completed for ECW and WOTR:

They are, left to right - Market Cross, Large Warehouse and Timber Building. Yet more from the Total Battle Miniatures walled town set.

The table for the next ACW battle, Front Royal has been set. I ran out of time to play the game or place figures so will cover the battle in detail on my return. This is though the first outing of my 'upgraded' rivers, new run run offs/small streams, and new railway track. Examples of these have been on my 'On the Workbench' postings. So for my final blog posting for over a week I thought I would provide a preview of the battle, or more accurately, a view of the battlefield containing these new features.

Continued -

Firstly, a 'satellite' view of the 3'9" x 2'3" board. This is a small battle and I could have reduced the size further still but it is nice to have extra space to manoeuvre, one of the advantages of 6mm.

What follows is a photo montage of the new features. I am missing a rail bridge for the river so had to improvise!

Rail track sections are from Irregular Miniatures, rivers from Baccus, streams scratch built using acetate as a base. 

I will not have internet while I am away (need relief from Brexit!!!!) so please bear in mind that after tomorrow morning I will not be around to respond to any queries etc. I will though pick them up on my return.


  1. Lovely looking table and the modular hills are a nice idea. Have a nice holiday and lucky that you can avoid Brexit news!

  2. Jon, lovely looking table, it photographs really well. I know a lot of hard work went into the rail tracks and waterways, but the results are really good.

  3. Once again a great table Jon.



  4. Love the new buildings, and the table looks super!

  5. Your time at the work bench has paid off bc the table looks really good. Looking forward to hearing about the battle. 😀