Sunday 29 May 2022

Nap Campaign: Battle of Grazzbenn 2nd April 1808 - Introduction

Battle of Grazzbenn

Table Size = 6'9" x 4'6"

Figures = Baccus 6mm
Rules = General de Brigade
Start time 0900 hours = 32 turns

The Battlefield

                                      13A10                   13A9                                 13A8
                                      13A5                     13A4                                 13A3

Note: Each square = 3' square on the table top.


13A10 – Firm grazing land, hedgerows, fences, river deep.

13A9 – Town of Grazzbenn, extensive army barracks, training area around Grazzbenn Castle on hill. The town contains many workshops. River to north bordering square is deep with stone bridge.

13A8 – Bleak rocky terrain around hill (difficult terrain), softening off towards town.

13A5 – Firm grazing land, hedgerows, fences, river deep, stone bridge.

13A4 – Broken rocky terrain with many gullies. Craggy hills. (Difficult terrain - steep slopes).

13A3 – Firm open scrubland. Sunken roads (cover - 8' deep).

Rule Amendments:
For difficult rocky terrain, movement half speed but artillery may deploy. Cavalry formed when standing but unformed when moving. May charge but unformed.

Sunken road - represented by hedgerows. Equivalent to in buildings for receiving artillery fire. Cannot be fired at by muskets or fire out of unless adjacent to them or on the road with clear line of sight.

Army breakpoint being discarded for this battle. 

The castle on the tabletop is rather larger than that on the map. This is primarily due to the fact that I currently have no smaller option and I wanted to make use of Total Battle Miniatures walled town set. 

Prussian 1st Corps reinforcements:
They are scheduled to arrive on turn 17. However, to introduce a little uncertainty, they will dice for arrival beginning turn 15 and will arrive no later than turn 19. 

Continued -

Orders of Battle

Imperial Guards.

Vandamme's 3rd Corps supported by Kellerman's 3rd Cavalry Corps.

Reille's 2nd Corps.

Blucher with Pirch 2nd Corps upper middle of photo. Bulow's 4th Corps in foreground.

NEXT: The opening moves.


  1. Magnificent set up with top class figures and terrain. Glad you're back up and running and I'm certainly looking forward to the next instalment.

  2. Yes, that is a really great looking setup.

  3. Well I tried commenting before but to no avail it seems. Maybe I've been cursed by the Google/Blogger curse that has affected others? Anyway, here's hoping this one gets through.

    As always a superb set up Jon which is an absolute joy to behold. I'm certainly looking forward to seeing how this unfolds. Keep up the good work:).

    1. Many thanks Steve. Yes that is rather odd. Your first post registered on my dashboard but not on the blog! First time I have found that happen.

  4. Good evening Jon, looks as though you are ready to rumble with that table, looks great and like many others I am waiting to see how this plays out. Regards Peter.

  5. Spectacular table as always!

  6. Great looking table as always! Lots of depleted units in the OOB for both sides, which could get interesting. The Prussians look fairly weak in artillery compared to the massed French batteries, and the French still have a qualitative advantage. Vandamme's III Corps will have to do a lot better than they managed at Grissburg, or they'll be in big trouble when the reinforcing Prussians arrive in their rear.

    1. Many thanks Dave. Yes, Vandamme's Corps must do better this time. I will avoid spoilers for the next installment but they will have significant help this time. Provided all goes according to plan!