Tuesday 20 October 2020

ACW Warplan Campaign: Introduction

The second new campaign I am going to introduce you to is for the ACW period. I have played a good number of historical actions and although I enjoyed them, there was something missing. In just about all of them I thought 'if only this were part of a campaign'. So having bitten the bullet I have settled on the trusty old Warplan 5/5 system as used in my Napoleonic campaign.

This though will be a more modest affair. It will be set around a Confederate army holed up in a Peninsular. It is not aimed at any particular year although 1863 will be the closest. Nor is it set around any particular event. It is purely fictional, closer to a parallel universe.

The Warplan system details towns with railway stations but does not have railways marked on the map cards. Clearly being ACW, railways (or railroads!) should be added. Upon settling on the overall map I identified all those towns with railway stations and then added what I felt would be a believable rail network.

The added dotted line is the rail network. 
Continued -
The Confederate defenders consist of 2 Corps and a detached cavalry brigade under the command of Robert E Lee - who else! The Union attackers consist of 4 Corps with a cavalry division under the command of Meade.

The Union plans.

First Union arrivals will be the cavalry division tasked with gathering intelligence of Confederated dispostions.

Confederate dispositions.

First Union troops arrive.

A closer look of Gamble's brigade advancing up the eastern half of the peninsular.
The Confederate 2nd South Carolina cavalry regiment withdraws in the face of a much larger Union force. Phillips Cavalry Legion have no hesitation in engaging the 12th Illinois Cavalry which will become the first action of the campaign. 

Devin's brigade advancing up the western half.
Hampton with Cobbs Cavalry Legion also make a stand against the 6th New York and will become the second action.
The first two actions will therefore be cavalry skirmishes as the Union makes its initial attempts to scout the area.

                                            NEXT: Cavalry skirmish at Rorketon.


  1. Looking forward to see what is coming!

  2. I’m already reaching for the popcorn!

  3. Just a nice workable size of action Jon. looking forward to the skirmish.

  4. I'm really looking forward to this Jon, as I'm in ACW reading mode at present. Funnily enough I was thinking of doing something similar, but in a sort of Shenandoah Valley campaign way. So I will be interested to see how this goes.

    Campaigns certainly seem to be the flavour of the month from reading afew Blogs of late, as they are much more satisfying to play, with each action adding to the whole and of course the narrative.

    1. Many thanks Steve. My original plan was a Shenandoah Valley campaign especially having had my interest piqued playing several scenarios from that theatre. No particular reason why I chose not to, it was more a case of a desire to use the Warplan system again.

      Campaigns are the way to go especially for solo play. As you say each action, no matter how minor, has a role to play and enriches the overall story.

    2. My valley campaign would definitely use the Warplan system, but I'm not quite ready for that yet. The advantage of your campaign is you can add in a naval dimension should you so wish and is something I plan to do at some point using Bob Cordery's naval rules.

    3. Now there's an idea. I have several ships from the Peter Pig range and may have to consider that. I only have Peter Pig's Hammerin' Iron rules so may check out Bob Cordery's.

  5. Off to a good start!
    I recall the WP 5/5 system had a horse and musket version (the same as the one you and I have), and a later version which had airfields and maybe railroads added to the base cards. I have never seen any examples of the later version, though. The additions are of course listed in the Atlas, as you have noted.

    1. I can vaguely recall the later version which would have been very useful. Not too difficult adding rail networks thanks to the Atlas.

  6. More good stuff to look forward to!
    Regards, James

  7. Excellent looking forward to following this.