Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Operation Nostalgia: Map Moves Day 2 Move 4

The situation at the end of Move 4 -

This move saw the return of stormy conditions and therefore all aircraft are grounded. Several Axis ships have returned to port for refuelling and repair. 

Having evaded the Arado floatplane, the submarine, HMS Triton (red 5), resurfaces and continues to move towards the sighting of Blue 6. As it approaches Anafi, it's lookouts spot 3 Italian anti-submarine Corvettes (blue 8) bearing down on them. 

NEXT: Triton's fight for survival. 


  1. Great stuff as always. What's Blue 9?
    Cheers, Richard P

    1. Thanks Richard. Blue 9 is a couple of German minesweepers who have some anti-sub capability.

    2. I should add that blue 9 and the others have completed their moves for move 4. For the Italian Corvettes and the sub it is the beginning of their move.