Thursday, 18 April 2019

Ebay Listings: 15mm ECW

The clear-out of my 15mm collections continue with the ECW now listed on ebay. This contains a mix of painted and unpainted figures from Peter Pig, Miniature Figurines, Museum Miniatures and Freikorps 15. Here is the link for anybody who is interested 

Examples below:

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Sunday, 14 April 2019

On the Workdbench: 2mm Austrians and buildings

The 2mm buildings needed for my test game have now been completed along with 2 more Austrian brigade bases:

The buildings are by Brigade Models and are larger than Irregular Miniatures although they are more in scale with the figures. 

I based them on 80mm x 40mm, 40mm x 40mm and 40mm x 20mm mdf bases to provide for a modular style approach. They can be small hamlets up to a small town in size. 

At some stage in the future I will add more to the collection but this will do for now. As originally intended, the 2mm project will move to the background with a continual, but slow, production line under way to complete the figures required.

My attention now switches back to 6mm with an ECW foot regiment primed up. I will then be taking a close look at my WW2 requirements. The arrival of Blitzkrieg Commander IV has provided the spur to get another game on the table to try them out.

Thursday, 11 April 2019

Ebay Listings: 15mm Wild West

With the clear-out of my 15mm collection continuing, my Wild West painted and unpainted figures and buildings are now on ebay. They can be found here:

A summary below:

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Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Blitzkrieg Commander IV has landed

A pleasant arrival in the post today was this little gem:

I will avoid reiterating the story behind the withdrawal of BKCIII which can be found on the Pendraken Forum link on the right. Leon at Pendraken did a sterling job of getting it rewritten and as a purchaser of BKCIII this was sent to me as its replacement.

Therefore, my WW2 projects will progress from BKCII to IV. I have had sight of the Beta version and I liked what I saw. Any fan of BKC will almost certainly be pleased with this and brings up to date the production values present in most rulesets these days. A QRS is provided on the Forum together with other optional extras. This will continue to expand over the coming months.

My plans for a WW2 game will be moved forward to give these a try out soon.  

Tuesday, 9 April 2019

On the Workbench: More Medieval buildings, 2mm Naps and new deliveries.

On my return from holiday I found some very welcome home parcels:

In the foreground my largest 6mm Baccus order to date. Zulu Wars and ECW mark the start of those projects plus more Spanish Napoleonics and some river sections. Top right is a Heroics & Ros order which almost completes all the figures and vehicles I need for the Landing on Rhodes. There is more stuff also for Op Market Garden.

The unopened packages are buildings and earthworks from Total Battle Miniatures for Grissburg (Nap campaign) and Gettysburg. A few paints, some D10's and flock completed the collection of goodies. 

Unfortunately real world matters restricted my wargaming since return but I did manage to complete these that had been started before my break:

A couple more medieval buildings and another 2mm Austrian brigade base. A slightly different configuration from my previous bases and again represents a 3,500 strong brigade.

These represent the last of the medieval buildings for now and I intend to concentrate on completing the terrain required for Grissburg. The 2mm will continue in slow time including various buildings. I have also prepped an ECW regiment of foot. Could not wait to get started on these being one of my all-time favourite periods that has had little attention over recent years. 

Friday, 29 March 2019

On the Workbench: More 6mm Medieval Buildings + Battle of Front Royal Preview

Tomorrow I shall be heading off on holiday for 8 days and today saw my final wargaming input before the break. 3 more buildings completed for ECW and WOTR:

They are, left to right - Market Cross, Large Warehouse and Timber Building. Yet more from the Total Battle Miniatures walled town set.

The table for the next ACW battle, Front Royal has been set. I ran out of time to play the game or place figures so will cover the battle in detail on my return. This is though the first outing of my 'upgraded' rivers, new run run offs/small streams, and new railway track. Examples of these have been on my 'On the Workbench' postings. So for my final blog posting for over a week I thought I would provide a preview of the battle, or more accurately, a view of the battlefield containing these new features.

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