Friday, 14 June 2019

Nap Campaign: Battle of Grissburg, Turns 5 - 10

Turn 5

An overview of Turn 5. The French have won the initiative again (the Prussians won the first couple of turns but then ran out of luck!) giving them the advantage in the firefights. 

Napoleon sends one of his ADC's to take command of the 3 Middle Guard Grenadier battalions and thus forming a new Brigade for Command and Control purposes. It is the intention that they will form one of the attack columns with one of Grissburg's bridges being the target.

In the middle of the photo, the Prussian 5th Brigade 6pdr foot artillery battery had been rallied and was in the process of moving back to its original position when it came under a devastating blast of canister from a French horse artillery battery (bottom middle) scything down many of the limbered horses and riders. With the loss of another gun the battery failed a morale test and will retreat in the next turn.

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Thursday, 13 June 2019

Ebay Listings: 15mm ACW Buildings

This week I have some 15mm ACW buildings for sale on ebay here

Sunday, 9 June 2019

Nap Campaign: Battle of Grissburg - French arrive + Turns 1 - 4

As the sun rises the Prussians observe the arrival of the French:

French left flank as observed by Prussians.

French centre.

French right flank.

Massed cavalry of the 11th Cav Division.

6th Division with 11th Cav Division in support. Artillery are confined to the road due to the rough ground.

9th Division with 12th Cav Division in support. 

5th Division with Old Guard in support. Here the problem for the French is apparent with artillery confined to the roads. They will have to deploy under fire from Prussian guns. 
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Thursday, 6 June 2019

Ebay Listings: 15mm ACW

As my clear-out of 15mm continues, my ACW collection is now up for sale on ebay. Details here

Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Nap Campaign: Battle of Grissburg - Introduction

Present Situation:

Blucher has rallied his army on the Prussian capital, Grissburg, following the rout at the Battle of Ainsworth. Hasty defences have been prepared including significant redoubts and earthworks.

An overview of the area shows the concentration of the Prussians on Grissburg and it's industrial suburbs to the west of the town.

To the north the Prussian 14th Brigade (green 7) is routing following defeat in the Battle of Erfurt and is being pursued by the victors, the French 3rd Corps (blue 9).

Blue 1 and 3 are the main French army under the command of Napoleon. Green 2 is a singly battalion of Middle Guard Grenadiers on its way to join its parent Grenadier Brigade.

A note about the Prussian forces. Although they had been routing after their defeat in the Battle of Ainsworth I have them automatically rallying on the capital. After rousing speeches by Blucher all 2nd Line and Conscript Prussian units will be classed as 'enthusiastic' for this battle.

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Friday, 31 May 2019

New Entrant into the 6mm Market - 2D6 Wargaming

I was fascinated to see a new manufacturer enter the 6mm world. Or more precisely 1/285th scale. 2D6 Wargaming has released the first models in its WW2 range and very promising they looked too. I placed a small order for 3 Panther D's and 2 Jagdpanthers. They arrived this morning:

These really are superb sculpts with crisp well-defined detail. My models required almost no prep. They are certainly comparable to GHQ in quality and I am guessing will be the same size (I have no GHQ Panthers to make a direct comparison).

They are priced at £1.10 each, almost half the cost of GHQ in the UK with the additional benefit of being sold singly. 

Having made the decision to confine my new WW2 purchases to H&R in 1/300, this now presents a problem. I will acquire a Panther from H&R when I place my next order to compare the two. Lining them up against my PzIV's they appear, unsurpringly, larger than H&R but I am hoping there will not be too much difference. I have mixed GHQ AFV's with mostly H&R trucks in my Western Desert collection without any problems. 

Hopefully this will be the start of a growing successful range from 2D6 and cannot recommend them highly enough. They can be found here I have also added a link to the right in my blog.