Tuesday, 19 May 2020

Nap Campaign: Map Moves 28th March 1808

The overall situation at the end of the day's map moves for 28th March 1808:

I will now zoom in on the 3 sectors:

Continued -

The South West:

Morillo (grey 1) having been defeated in the 2nd Battle of Brandenlea receives reports from scouts that his route to Wellington is blocked by Soult. He therefore moves south where his cavalry and artillery join him. Lobau detaches a division to occupy Brandenlea (blue 10). The rest of 6th Corps (blue 9) move to unite with Soult (blue 5).

Wellington (red 10) has pulled back his Anglo-Portuguese force across the Portuguese border buying more time for reinforcements to arrive before engaging Soult.

To the north, the Spanish 2nd Division (grey 3) under the command of Iglesias makes his way south intending to join Wellington.

An interesting situation is developing to the north east of the sector. 3 Swiss battalions are en-route as much needed reinforcements to Lobau's 6th Corps. They are unaware of a band of Spanish Guerrillas operating in the area! 

In the north east, the Prussians continue to retreat having lost their capital Grissburg (17A7 & 8). Napoleon had considered resting at Grissburg awaiting new drafts to replace some of his losses. However, having scattered the Prussian army, he decides to press ahead aiming to destroy them in detail before they can rejoin. The Prussian 1st Corps (green 5) making their way back to Prussia are in danger of finding themselves isolated.

And finally the situation in the north west. Marshall Grouchy leads the Army of the West (blue 7 & 8) pursuing the retreating Dutch/Belgian, Hanoverian and Brunswick forces north. 

Chasse decides it is time to stop retreating and at least defend some of his homeland. It would have the added benefit of forcing the French to divert some of its troops to dealing with him or face the prospect of an enemy force to their rear. Chasse selects a narrow strip of land to defend. With elements of the Dutch 3rd Division (orange 2) along with Col Best's Hanoverian brigade he deploys awaiting whatever the French decide to throw at him.

D'Erlon duly obliges (blue 6) and at the head of the 3rd and 4th Divisions supported by the 1st Cavalry Division he is confident he can eliminate this long-standing threat once and for all. 

Will Col Best's brigade once again punch above their weight having enjoyed remarkable success so far. We will find out in the next battle:

NEXT: The Battle of the Tourane Peninsular.


  1. The french are doing well. How long may it continue?

    1. They have won most of the battles but failed to deliver a knock-out blow. Their best chance was Grissburg when they could have taken out the Prussians! They still have the upper hand though.

  2. Looking forward to the next action!

    1. Should be able to get it on the board soon.

  3. All coming along nicely and I do enjoy simple campaigns to one off games. I just wish those maps were re-printed or available for a reasonable price as they look damned useful! Maybe I should make my own...

    1. I am surprised nobody has done something similar with these maps. I have had a look around but found nothing as good.