Friday, 10 August 2018

Operation Nostalgia: U-Boat sighted by Cyprus Fleet

With dawn came a new problem for the battered invasion fleet from Cyprus. The German submarine, U515, sighted the British fleet slowly making their way back to Cyprus: -

Scale = 1/3000th
Rules = General Quarters 3
Table Size = 4'6" x 3'9"

The Opposing Forces:-

Exeter - 8" Cruiser (Flagship)
Biter - Light Escort Carrier
Sheffield - 6" Cruiser
Dauntless - 6" Light Cruiser
Hero - Destroyer
Jervis - Destroyer
Jackal - Destroyer
Aldenham - Destroyer
Envoy - Admiralty tug

Invasion force transports:
Prince David - Landing Ship

U515 - Type XIC Submarine

The opening scene with U515 in the foreground. 2 combat air patrols are currently circling the British fleet. At the top left corner is one of those CAP's, a pair of Grumman Martlets, at 9,000 feet.

Continued -

The heavily damaged British fleet. 


The Martlets quickly descend to 3,000 feet on seeing the U-Boat and as they approach the U515 crash dives. The CAP makes an accurate report to the fleet of the U-Boat sighting and passes on its co-ordinates. 

The fleet slowly turns away from the direction of the sighting. The heavily damaged destroyer, Jackal, brings up the rear. It's deck is a scene of devastation with all its main guns, torpedo tubes and Depth Charge rack reduced to wreckage. 

The 3 destroyers capable of anti-submarine operations break off from the main fleet and head towards the direction of the sighting. They are (bottom left to top right), Hero, Aldenham and Jervis.

As the main fleet continues its turn 4 torpedo tracks pass in front of them. The U-Boat having quickly descended to periscope depth, fires off a salvo from its front tubes at long range but none find their mark.

With the approaching destroyers U515 takes no chances and descends rapidly to 300' depth. The noise it makes is picked up by Aldenham's Asdic.

All 3 destroyers head towards the 'blip' with Aldenham leading the charge. The U-Boat continues its rapid descent to its maximum operating depth of 500'. It immediately switches to silent running but it is too late to evade the Aldenham.

The Aldenham drops its first depth charges but fail to hit the sub. 

Contact is lost during the depth charging but is immediately re-acquired and this time Hero makes its depth charge attack. Again no hits are made.

In total, Aldenham makes 3 attacks with Hero and Jervis making one each for a total of 8 d/c dice rolls, all without success. After the 3rd attack by Aldenham the destroyers fail to make a contact which continues for 3 turns. This means the U-Boat has evaded the British and escaped unharmed.

Overall, no damage was caused to either side. For the British though, the fleet was made safe by the actions of the Martlet's spotting the sub on the surface. Even so, the single salvo of torpedoes fired by the U515 was perilously close.   


  1. One of those little games that is pretty fun in the context of a campaign, but would otherwise be pointless... which is a great strength of campaign settings!

    1. Exactly, a small little encounter like this takes on a whole new context when it's part of a campaign. Great stuff!

    2. You beat me to it. This is one of the principle reasons I play and enjoy campaigns so much. Playing small actions like this takes on a new meaning and could have had serious ramifications for the British. Had it been a standalone game it would have been pretty boring and pointless.