Sunday, 8 July 2018

Operation Nostalgia: Map Moves - Day 1

The first day move of day one so the allied fleets set sail from Cyprus and Egypt.

Concentrating for a moment on the allies, red counter numbers 1 and 2 represent the 8th Army and US Army transports with escorting fleets leaving Egypt. Red counter number 3 is the 1st Army force underway from Limassol in Cyprus.

Although it may be difficult to see at this scale, red 4 represents the MTB's and MGB's transporting the Commandos towards Kasos from Cyprus. Red 5 is the British submarine Triton forward deployed and in its patrol area.


Taking a closer look at the Axis dispositions:

'1' and '2' are the cruiser lead squadrons. '3' and '4' are U-Boats beginning their patrols. The rest are a mix of escort vessels, torpedo boats and S/MAS Boats.

Almost all Axis warships have been instructed to put to sea and begin their patrols. At this stage their task is primarily locating the Allied forces enabling airstrikes and, whenever possible, naval engagements. Caution is the byword for the latter as they need to preserve their outnumbered forces as much as possible picking off allied ships when the opportunity arises.

Arados are preparing to begin their patrols and all squadrons have been placed on standby. For this first day move the weather is assumed to be fine but no tests will be made for identifying opposing forces until the next move.

Day 1, 2nd Day move:

A mist has descended slowing movement and grounding all aircraft. Both sides diced for intel/radio intercepts but no enemy movement identified.

Movement continues albeit more slowly -

As the main allied fleets slowly make their way towards their destinations, the Commandos in their MTB's and MGB's will shortly begin their approach to Kasos (red 4 to the east of Karpathos).

The British sub Triton (red 5 to south east of Karpathos) unwittingly closes on a U-Boat but not close enough to make a sighting.

Little to report from the Axis forces as they continue to patrol their designated areas. The Arados frustratingly wait for the mist to clear.

Day 1, 3rd Day move:

A storm now kicks up again grounding all aircraft.

No forces are identified so all continue, either to their destinations or around their patrol areas. While the main allied fleets plough slowly through the rough seas, the MTB's and MGB's approach the southern tip of Karpathos.

Red 4 are the Commando force and red 5 is the British submarine Triton. Although a rough ride the Commandos are greatful for the cover the adverse weather is providing.

Day 1, 4th Day move:

Incredibly, as the brief storm abates a mist rolls back in.

The overall situation at the end of the last day move on Day 1.

At last an allied fleet has been identified through radio intercepts. The Cyprus fleet (red 3) is identified as a large force sailing due west. Several Axis naval units move to intercept them (blue 1, 2 and 4). Blue 2 is the largest being the Italian Cruiser Raimondo Montecuccoli leading a flotilla of Torpedo Boats has been ordered to await the arrival of the German group lead by the cruiser Koln before engaging the Allied fleet.

Drama unfolds at Kasos. The Commandos disembark from their vessels, and using inflatables row through the mist towards the only beach on the island. They run onto the beach expecting the first shots at any moment but so far silence! 

Two pillboxes frame either end of the beach. Both are approached simultaneously to discover that neither are occupied. They move into the island's only small settlement to be told by the villagers that there is no garrison. The force commander cannot believe that an island in such a crucial position has been left undefended. 

As night begins to fall the Commandos move across the island to set up OP's to monitor any naval or air traffic in the area. 

Out at sea, having disembarked the Commandos, the entire force of MTB's and MGB's begin their return journey when out of the mist looms several German ships. From the deck of the German Torpedo Boat Albatross a lookout alerts the officer of the watch of several small MTB's moving out from Kasos. Mowe, T4 and T24 are immediately radioed and all ships move to action stations with an order to engage.

As daylight gives way to night, the first action of 'Operation Nostalgia' begins.

NEXT:  Naval action off Kasos.


  1. Nice intro - all seems to be working well Jon.

  2. The early stage of the campaign is set! I feel the tension rise.