Monday, 4 December 2017

Nap Campaign: Map Moves 8th March 1808

Situation End of 8th March 1808:

Before I move on to the different regions it will be noted on the map above that the first British fleet is making progress south with the Expeditionary force destined for Portugal.

Now for a close up starting with Prussia:

Blucher (green 1) has sacrificed some territory in order to assemble his forces. He decides that the time is right now to drive out the French from his beloved Prussia. Nassau (light green) has also drawn in its available units ready to defend any further advances by the French. Napoleon is not remotely fazed by Blucher and relishes the opportunity to destroy the Prussian Army in one fell swoop.

On to Holland/Belgium:

Over on the left, Marcognet follows Col Best as he retreats along the coast towards the north. The Dutch/Belgians are now with the main Hanoverian force under Kielmansegge and are continuing to assemble its forces in readiness to defend their territory. There are two battles here. The French (12) are attacking the Dutch/Belgian garrison of Cragsmere Castle at that location. Bottom right is the first contact with the Prussians as the French attempt to secure Grouchy's right flank which becomes the battle of Acrize.


Lobau makes his move into Spain on two fronts leading to the battles of Rock Valley in the north and Brandenlea in the south. In the north a band of Spanish Guerrillas (grey 4) move through the moutains to harass the French supply line.

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